Pakistan’s Foreign Policy Essay in English

By | May 11, 2019

Pakistan emerged as the largest, independent Muslim country in the world after the partition of India. Both Bharat and Pakistan became independent from the colonial rule at the same time. But the former inherited a sot system of administration and old ties from their masters. Pakistan, on the other hand, had to start afresh in every field both internal and external. She rather began at a stretch.

Internal administration, maintenance of law and order and defense are the first and the foremost duties of the government. Then come the external matters and foreign relations and ties. Pakistan due to her inherent problems and geographical position, could not remain indifferent to her relations with other countries of the world and had to chalk out her foreign policy according to the needs of the times. A free and independent foreign policy was advocated by the makers of Pakistan.

Pakistan established its first ties with the brotherly country Iran in 1948. It has always been a declared policy to keep close relations with all the other Muslim countries of the world, particularly with the Middle East countries. The birth of RCD in 1974 was a major step to bring Iran, Pakistan and Turkey closer in the socio-economic field and joint ventures in trade. Our relations with the Islamic state Saudia have been very brotherly and most cordial during the last four decades.

Pakistan’s foreign policy is based on Islamic traditions and political principles-freedom, equality and fraternity. Pakistan according to shaheed-e-Millat Liaquat Ali; [the_ad id=”17141″]

“I believe that peace and progress are inseparable. Pakistan soon becomes a member of the UNO and subscribes to the united nations charter. Lasting peace in the world is the basic principle of our foreign policy. She has opposed war in Korea, the Middle East, and Far East.

Then comes the important principle of opposition of colonial and racial rule in the various parts of the world. Islam discards all discrimination of color, caste, and creeds. Pakistan has supported freedom movements in Vietnam, South Africa, Ethiopia and India, Ceylon, Burma, and Palestine.

Then comes the principle of Islamic Brotherhood. Pakistan stands for love, peace and equality. She has developed closer ties with the newly free emerging states of Russia. Our government believes in the policy of live and let live. She is openly opposed to war and oppression in any part of the world. Accordingly, Pakistan supports the freedom fight in Kashmir and Bosnia. Kashmir is a bone of discard between Bharat and Pakistan. We believe that war does not solve any problem but is creates untold problems. Bharat has already thrust two wars on Pakistan. Pakistan’s support to the Afghan freedom fighters was based on the same policy.

Our relations with the European countries have been very pleasant and encouraging. Pakistan had been a member of the United Kingdom, but it withdrew due to Britain’s unjust support to Israel. America and Russia, the two contending blocks have always tried to create trouble in The Third world countries. The former has raised the boggy of the atomic bomb against Pakistan though America is the biggest Bomb for the world. Our government does not like any foreign interference in our internal matters. Our relations with Latin America are good.

Except for Israel and India, Pakistan has both lateral and bilateral ties with the various nations of the world. We believe in free and independent foreign policy.

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