Pakistan – My Country English Essay

By | May 11, 2019

The mid-twentieth Century witnessed a great surge of nationalism all over Asia and Africa. The subject nations were fed up with colonial rules and struggled for independence, More than 100 Afro- Asian countries broke the shackles of slavery and became free, independent Nations in the post-war period.

Population. territory and sovereign government are the requisites for a nation. The creation of independent Pakistan brought the biggest Islamic nation on the map of the world, on 14th August 1947. Thus Pakistan is a comparatively young nation. She consisted of two wings. East Pakistan and West Pakistan, comprising of Muslim majority areas.

The Muslims are enjoined to hold fast to the rope of Allah. Due to slackness on the part of the so-called followers of Islam, lack of Political fore-sightedness on the part political leaders in the west; and above all Bharat’s long-cherished ill-will against the Muslim nation, our dear country was broken. Quaid’s Pakistan disintegrated as Nero fiddled in Islamabad. It was a punishment from Above.

The present (or new Pakistan comprises of four Province’s. It has an area of 805.000 sq. miles and a population of ten ‘carores. North-West Frontier (the bullet-arm of India the Punjab, land of five rivers, Sindh (Babul Islam) and Baluchistan, the mining highland of minerals, lend color and variety to the country. [the_ad id=”17141″]

The Northern areas with mighty sentinels of mountains and natural abundance of beauty. give an impressive panorama of the country. Pakistan is a moonson land but has scanty rainfall. The ice-clad mountains in the north, the murmuring rivers and their green plains, the parch postwar desert land of Sindh and the rugged Baluchistan and the gorgeous plateau of Islamabad, impart geographical variety.

God has distributed His bounties over the land. Variety of fruits, wheat, cotton. rice tobacco and maize are the main agricultural products. Coal, copper. gas, cobalt. petroleum and mineral salt is famous minerals.

Pakistan is agricultural land and 70% of the population lives in villages and is engaged in mixed farming. During the last forty-five veil’s she has made progress in industrialization by leaps and bounds. Textiles, sports goods, chemicals, Pharmaceutics. soaps, vegetable oils, cement, sugar, and engineering are the main industries.

Pakistan has had a glorious historic past. Mohanjo-Doro, Ilarippit is the oldest centers of civilization. Taxila, Lahore, Bambore and Thata are worth seeing historical places. It is a land of great sufies philosophers and poets. It extents from Gatewitt of Karachi to the historic Khaibar pass.

The population is predominantly Muslims. The people are simple, hospitable, traditional, loving and hard working. Pakistanis are lovers of sports and games. They have won laurels in Hockey. Cricket, Squash, and Wrestling. In these words of Quaid-e-Azam. God has given you everything. it is up to you to work up. But frequent changes in government have made the country, weak unstable and a laughing stock in the eyes of the world.

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