Pakistan and the Muslim World English Essay

By | May 11, 2019

Nationalism has become the political creed in the modern world. The days of despotic kings are over so are gone the days of might is right. Now right is might, for freedom is the birth right of every man. Nationalism, equality and fraternity are the common slogans all over the world.

The present brotherhood of nations is a composite entity based on economic creeds like capitalism, socialism, and communism, or religious affiliation avowing Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. The cross and the crescent still divide the world. One-third of the world population is a follower of Islam, the religion of peace.

Even the world Body the United Nations is dominated by the holders of the Cross. The vile propaganda of the western (Christian) world against Pakistan and the Islamic Umma is a clear proof of their anti-Islam mentality. The birth of half a dozen Russian Muslim states has come as a shock to America and her Allies. Development of our Nuclear Plan for peaceful purposes has stirred commotion among the enemies of the Islamic Brotherhood.

There are 45 Independent Muslim nations in the world situated in the Afro-Asian zone. Albania, Bosnia, and Philippine Muslim fronts are like thorns in the eyes of the free world. The plight of the Indian and Kashmiri Muslims in very painful and shocking. But the world conscience is sleeping. [the_ad id=”17141″]

Most of the sore points in the world are Muslim countries like Palestine, Kashmir, Ethiopia, and Bosnia. They are innocent victims of international injustice and conspiracy against Islamic Ummah. Most of the Muslim countries belong to the Third World. They are underdeveloped, educationally, economically and scientifically backward having low standards of living. They lay behind in modern technologies, the bedrock for modern progress. Their communication and infrastructure systems are weak and out-moded. Their manpower lack in modern expertise.

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia, and Malaysia stand in the row of developing countries. The oil producing countries enjoy a better standard of living but they suffer from lack of scientific and tech-know-how. What is needed is a common united platform of the Muslim countries, a Common Wealth of the Islamic Umma.

The Islamic Rabta Committee, Mutamar-e-Alam, and Organisation of the Islamic Conference are trying to ameliorate a lot of the Muslim countries and their peoples. Pakistan has always played a leading and supporting role in solving the problems faced by the Muslim world. Educationally, economically and scientifically she is more developed and able to give a lead to the Muslim world. The honor of representing the Muslim ummah by president Zia-ul- Haq in UNO in 1986 at the turn of the 15th Hajra, is a clear proof of Pakistan’s role in the Islamic Brotherhood. [the_ad id=”17142″]

Muslim countries display uniformity in diversity. Islam has abolished the differences of creed and color, high and low. The last sermon of the prophet Mohammad (PBUM) is the Magna Carta of Islamic unity and Brotherhood. Deflection and deafness to the great charter have resulted in conflicts between Iran and Iraq, Saudia, Kuwait, and Iraq.

The united nations have played a partial and perilous role by allowing America and her Allies, a murderous role against small nation Iraq. The remedy for the problems facing the Islamic world lies in the wise synthesis of our faith and the modern scientific-technological know-how. God helps those who help themselves. Let us hold fast to the rope of God. Attempts have been made to forge unity on various fronts among the Muslim nations. Motameri Islami (1926) was the first step towards Islamic solidarity.

Quaid-e-Millat tried to keep up the spirit. In spite of western opposition, Rabiatah Al-Islam (1969). under the patronage of Saudi Arabia, gave a united platform to Muslim Ummah. More than forty Muslim nations under the auspice of the Islamic Summit Conference provide unique Forum to solve world problems affecting the Muslim world. The four summit conferences at various centers have infused new spirit and given new hopes to the Ummah.

All the Muslim countries should pool up their resources to develop scientific and technical expertise, raise a collective army to protect the interests of the Muslim world. It is essential for world peace.

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