Pakistan and the Modern World English Essay

By | May 11, 2019

Modern civilization is universal, all-embracing and around. In the past, countries used to be like closed boxes. No country knew what was happening in the next box. But nowadays there is so much coming and going among the nations that the whole world has become like a big, big box, and is on the verge of bursting.

The light of modern civilization has, now spread in every nook and corner the world. The quick and easy means of transport and communication have brought the distant corners of the world closer. The present information exposition has made the nations world-minded. Economically the whole world has become like a huge market. The world has rather shrunk.

Pakistan is comparatively a young nation. She has great potentials. Pakistan is rich in natural resources and manpower. Ideologically, she derives her lifeblood from Islam-the religion of God and the great prophets. The birth of Pakistan in 1947, was a great historical event. The enemies of the country thought that she would not survive; but with our steadfast faith, unflinching hard work and firm belief in our destiny, we have given a lie to our enemies.

Pakistan began at a stretch. We had no political step-up, no secretariat and army of our own. Bharat tried to stab in the back by causing water and Kashmir problems. The refugee problem added to our unmitigated difficulties and sufferings.

But in spite of all these shocks and jars and jolts, we have built up our country slowly hand steadily. The peoples of the world looked anxiously rather with astonishment. We have made great progress in the Industrial sector with leaps and bounds. [the_ad id=”17141″]

Industrialization and mechanization are essential for national progress and prosperity. In fact, the two are the salient features of modern civilization. Pakistan lags behind in the fields of scientific and technological development. She looks up to the developed and advanced countries for sharing the modern scientific and tech, expertise.

Democracy has not yet taken firm roots in the country. Agriculture is the primary industry in the country but is not practiced on the modern, scientific lines. The agricultural yield is comparatively low. Education has been a neglected sector so far, and only 26% population is literate. The health services are very poor. The population growth is stocking about 3%, whereas the rate of growth of national income has registered only 64 rises. Unemployment is a national problem.

All these things are causes of discontentment, doubts, and national upheavals. Discontent is a seed of political instability and internal dissection. These are the common problems in the newly born countries of the world. It is the duty of the advanced countries like America, England, France. China and Japan to prop the economy of the developing and underdeveloped countries including Pakistan, and pass on the modern tech’ to them.

Education is a shield against ignorance. What Pakistan needs is quick progress in scientific and technical education. Health services, scientific farming, energy and development of Infra-structure are to be built up on modern lines. Here comes the role of the world community to assist and help us financially.

If the world community neglects its role as discussed above, the civilization will limp. So the gap between the developed and developing countries must be narrowed down. It shall also promote peace and human happiness.

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