Industry is mother of Prosperity Essay

By | May 15, 2019

Life is like an uphill journey. Those who work and toil reach the top. Work is a great blessing for the sons and daughters of Adam. Work does not only give us a purpose in life but it also keeps us busy. Industry or hard work is key to success in life.

From small creatures like ants and bees to human beings, all have to work for subsistence. Man, the Lord of creations works for greater success and glory in life. For young men, ambition is ladder of life. Those who are ambitious, must work hard in order to achieve their aims in life.

Man can take lessons from small creatures like ants and bees. The team work of ants is proverbial. They have teams to perform different operations. Their prosperity and well being depend on their team work. The bees are busy in collecting nector (honey) from flowers and fruits through out the day. All of them are busily busy. As busy as a bee is a famous simile. They toil and give us both light and sweetness (wax and honey).

The above are humble examples of industry. Man is never satisfied with what he has. The more he has, The more he wants. He must work hard and honestly to earn money. The businessmen and industrialists work hard to become richer and prosperous. True happiness in life, comes from honest earnings. Profit is said to be a spur for industry.

The workers who earn their bread with the sweat of their brow, are generally poor. They live from hand to mouth. It is the destined way of life. Allah says: ‘We have made classes and ranks among you, so that the affairs of the world can run well. Thus prosperity does not depend on money or wealth only. The secret of prosperity is hard work and satisfaction. Those who submit to the will of God are always happy. [the_ad id=”17141″]

The saying equally applies well in case of nations. The peoples who are lethargic and do not work willingly or do not do their duty honestly, are backward. The people of the Third World’ are backward both educationally and industrially. The progress and prosperity of the advanced countries of the West are direct results of their industry.

Take the example of Japan and Germany. They have risen, as of out of fire, after the Great War They have worked hard day and night to build up their shattered economy. Within à short span of 20 years, they have become powers to reckon with. Take the example of three ‘small tigers’, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. Their prosperity is spectacular. They are examples for us. Work and Work! is their national ideal.

The farmers and labourers work hard for the prosperity of their country and countrymen. They feed and prop both the population and the Industries. They may not be prosperous, but they live by honest means. They have the joy of accomplishment. The rich and the industrialists prosper on their labour. It is for such people that the poet Oscar Wild has said:

“It is not wealth but the people that make the nation strong”.

Industry or hard work of the people brings prosperity, both for the individuals and the nation. Indeed, Labour is best prayer.

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