Importance of Family Planning Essay in English

By | May 12, 2019

Population growth and family planning are related terms. Planning has been part of the controlled economy. But it is, now, being practiced by governments all over the world. Nowadays planning and development go hand in hand. It covers various sectors – Agriculture, Industries, Education, Health, Energy and National Development Programmes.

Family planning is part of the National Development programme. Family planning is done in order to keep the population under check and to control undesirable growth in population. In Pakistan, there is a separate Ministry for Family Planning. It devises ways and means to control planning. It devises ways and means to control population growth by educating and helping the people. The present 3% growth of population is rather shocking.

Family planning is a social problem. Both the public and the government are deeply concerned with it. The orthodox people call it unislamic, against the spirit and teachings of Islam. In family planning artificial methods of birth control are used. Contraceptives, F.L., pills and foam pumps are commonly used to stop fertilization (conception). Unnatural method of abortion has been legalized in Japan. [the_ad id=”17141″]

Another objection against birth control is that it leads to sex corruption among the unmarried people. The fashionable circles do not think is bad. It is a sin. It has been proved by facts. In western society there is no, sex taboo. Illegal births are common.

Again, the family planning problem is closely related to country’s economic development. Overpopulation retards economic progress, lowers standard of living and leads to unemployment. People having a large family cannot feed and clad their children properly. Their education suffers. T.V. and radio are constantly instructing people to limit the family to two children in order to be happy. The appeals have failed because people think children to be a blessing of God.

Government spends large sum to solve the problem through birth control methods. It has opened family planning centres. Both men and women can stop reproduction by undergoing operations. Doctors and medical stores try to popularize birth control through contraceptives. Inspite of all these efforts, the results have not been encouraging.

In urban areas the response has been favourable. In the rural areas the problem remains the same. People are unedu cated and conservative. Big family has the charm of old age support. In many countries, the problem of overpopulation has been solved by increase in production and food supply. It is a good alternative to family planning.

What is desired is will to limit the family. The subsistence and future of man is in the hand of God.

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