If Winter Comes Shall Spring Be Far Behind Essay

By | May 15, 2019

These are the concluding lines of Shelley’s famous Poem – ODE TO THE WESTWIND. P.B. Shelley is one of the four bright stars that adorned the firmament of Romantic Revival – the richest Poetic period in English Literature. He was a great champion of mankind. For him the sufferings of humanity were his own sufferings. He was a visionary and foresaw bright future for the suffering humanity.

In these prophetic words he echoes the Quranic message of Solace:

“But lo ! with hardship goeth ease, Lol with hardship goeth ease”


Westwind is a symbol of hope. The wind is both a destroyer as well a preserver. The wild wind drives and carries away the dry leaves and seeds to deposit them elsewhere. After their decay, follows the period of new birth, new growth. The wind also causes commotion in the sky. It lifts and sails the clouds pregnant with water. Then it causes rain that quenches the thirsty earth. Then there sprout thousands of plants, and various crops. It helps the growth of vegetation and trees.

The overpowering influence of the wind is also experienced on the seas and the mighty oceans. It causes high waves on the surface. Equally strong is its force at the bottom of the sea. The colourful seepy foliage at the bottom is more beautiful than the growth on the mother earth. They are terrified by the force of the Wind.

Then comes the beautiful apostrophe:

“Spread my message of hope and coming prosperity all over the world.”

No doubt our existence on the earth is essentially sorrowful. We look before and after and pine for what is not.

The poet wishes to usher in a new world order through the magic of his poetry. Man has been sent to the earth to face hardships and not for ease. Life is a great gift of God.

Wise people do not run away from life. They live on hope and play their destined roles willingly and courageously. Those who try to run away form life. are cowards. They are a pessimist. They feel so life is a tragedy for them.

On the other hand those who look at the bright side, life is comedy for them. They always strive to change their lot and live to see the bright day. One is not defeated unless one is discouraged. At last success kisses their feet.

Never mind, if the world is passing through winter, dull, dark days. As winter is sure to be followed by spring, the season of joy and fulfillment; so good days are bound to come. It is a natural cycle. The prophecy gives a message of hope and joy for the suffering mankind.

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