If the Blessings of Science are Withdrawn Essay

By | May 13, 2019

Science means a systematic study. It is the most widely used word in our life. There are social sciences like economics, politics, sociology etc. The physical sciences include physics, chemistry, biology, zoology, and so on. Philosophy, psychology and medicine are also sciences. All sciences result in some art.

Here the word science is used for physical sciences in particular. The aim of science is to reduce human sufferings and pains. It has confirmed great boons on mankind The history of our civilization is the record of all our achievements and progress in science and technology. The present, strength and progress of the advanced countries like America, Russia, China, Japan and three small-Tigers- Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, are due to scientific development in the various fields.

The present comforts and luxuries of life are due to scientific progress. Machines big and small, electric home appliances, the various means of amusements like Radio, T.V., V.C.R. and Computers, etc. all are the blessings of science. The tremendous advancement in medical science is the direct result of modern technology. The various sources of energy like electricity, nuclear power, solar energy have revolutionized our lives. Where ever we go, we carry the torch of science in our hands to light our path. [the_ad id=”17141″]

If the blessings of science are withdrawn, we shall be again plunged into the dark ages. The very edifice of modern civilization shall crumble. Life shall become a punishment. The work of the house-wives shall be reduced to drudgery. There shall be no electricity. All our modern means of amusement and recreation will come to an end. Life shall become dull and sluggish.

Industries, trade and commerce shall come to a standstill due to the withdrawal of easy quick and cheap means of transport and communication. People will have to walk on foot. One nation will not know what is happening in other countries due to the close down of newspapers and other means of information. The lack of modern sources of energy shall adversely hit agricultural, industrial and other social sectors. We are very proud of our progress in the field of medical science and other ancillary sciences.

Hospitals and medical centers will be hard hit. Public health will be ruined. Diseases shall again begin to take a heavy toll of life. The miracle of surgery will come to an end. Human sufferings and pain shall increase. Population explosion shall inundate the world. There shall be a scarcity of food. There is, however, some silver lining to the dark cloud. The war arsenals shall be closed.

Science has made modern war very cruel, expeditious and totalitarian. There will be no mechanical accidents. According to UNO Report, more lives have been lost in the accidents than all the sum total of lives lost in battles and wars fought so far. There shall be peace in the world. Lastly, man shall cease to the materialist.

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