If Mankind Wants to Be Happy Essay

The great novelist Thomas Hardy has said:

“We are cast on the blighted planet”.


It means the very nature of our existence on the earth is full of sufferings. The same philosophy has been expressed by the great man of letters Dr. S. Johnson. He says:

“Life everywhere is much to be endured and little to be enjoyed”

(Prince Ressalas)

The great poet Shelley also subscribes to the same view when he says:

“We look before and after And pine for what is not,”

The given caption, therefore, means a better ‘socioeconomic world order.’ Happiness is a distant goal, a dream. There can not be a utopia; a perfect world order. As we find, the world is full of push and pull. It is full of disparities and inequalities, both social and economic. The advanced countries are on the pinnacle (top) of scientific and tech. progress. There, the people enjoy a high standard of life. They also belong to the highest income group. Materialistically they are giants; spiritually they are dwarfs. Morally they have become bankrupt.

The story of most of the Asian and African countries is just otherwise. The conditions in the Third World countries are the worst. People have very low standard of living. Educationally and scientifically they are very backward. Poverty, ignorance, and diseases walk hand and hand with the people. Politically the masses, the common men are down-trodden and exploited. They are like dumb-driven cattle. As is the case with Pakistan. A few rich families and waders rule the populace. Democracy has become a sham. This is not an overdrawn picture of socio-economic and political evils. [the_ad id=”17141″]

The rich are becoming richer and the poor, poorer, divided into ‘Haves’ and ‘Have-nots’. Economic disparity has resulted in inequality of opportunities. Under the prevailing world order there cannot be happy in the world. If the world wants to be happy, the first essential is that the advanced countries must pass on and share their scientific and tech. expertise (rather monopoly) with the less advanced and backward nations. The east and the west must meet. The nations should not only put their heads together, but they must put their hearts together. Then only there can be real peace in the world.

The UNO has become useless. The big powers have full control on its affairs. Their power of vetó must be withdrawn. Then there should be fair and equal distribution of wealth among the peoples of the Third world. Instead of spending their surplus (the main cause of modern tension and wars) on wars, they must pass it on to the backward nations at concessional rates. Instead of building war arsenals, the big powers should spend the money on education, social and economic programmes in the under-developed nations. War must be abolished.

Above all, a religion that has become a mockery; must be. restored. Religion teaches moral values, toleration, love, and respect for the rights of others. There cannot be true happiness without morality.

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