If I Were A Doctor Essay in English

Like teaching, medical profession is people’s job. Doctors are supposed to mitigate and remove the pains and sufferings of the sick. In the past doctors were motivated with this noble aim. Now the professional philosophy has completely changed. In the past the doctors were conscious of their professional ethics. Their aim was service of humanity The new generation of doctors has no ethics. Their proclaimed aim is to earn money and to become rich overnight, profit first and service afterward.

Firstly the prospective students of medicine are attracted by lucrative (profit) aim. Most of them are first class students. Instead of passing by fair means, they take pride in using unfair means. They even copy from the books. They are generally interested in acquiring degrees instead of professional expertise. It is a bad commentary on the start. Sons and daughters of rich families go abroad for foreign degrees and qualifications. The more qualified they are, the higher is their fee. [the_ad id=”17141″]

To aspire to be a doctor is a noble aim provided one gets the degree with fair means. I will not go up the ladder of ambition with foul means. If I become a doctor, I shall be true to my profession. My practice will be for serving the suffering humanity and not to earn money. The blessings of my patients will be the best reward for me. Nowadays doctors charge heavy fees and charges for the medicines The result is common men resort to self-medication. To fall sick is like a great crime for the poors.

I will charge moderate fees. The name of my clinic will be ‘Ghareeb Clinic’. Rich persons with dishonest incomes have spoiled Karachi doctors. They can afford to engage the services of specialists and pay heavy charges. The specialists are class by themselves. They visit several medical centres and complexes. They earn thousands of rupees in a single day. The poor have to beg, borrow or steal for treatment. I will try to make an association of like-minded and honest doctors. The name of the team shall be “The Relievers”.

If the philanthropists help me, we will open ‘Relievers Centres’ on the pattern of Edhi Centres. They shall be free for the poor, the widows and the addicts. The country is the worst victim of drug mafia. I will fight a crusade against the evil if I get a chance and God helps me.

If I become a doctor in the real sense, I will charge proportionate fees and charges according to the incomes and status of my patients. ‘Shams Medical Centre’ is trying to practice on the principle. According to my income, I will subsidize the poor patients. All this is possible by ‘plain living and high thinking’. It should be the motive before a good doctor.

Lastly, I will convince the members of the Relief Team to visit the slums and villages on mobile dispensaries. The present professional ethics must be changed. It is not difficult. Where there is a will, there is a way.

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