If I Get 100 Rupees First Prize Bond Essay

By | May 13, 2019

Life is a struggle, a big competion. It is made up of sobs, sniffles and smiles, the first two dominating. There are very few who are born with a silver spoon in their mouths. The common man has to work hard to go up the ladder of life. Ambition is youngmen’s ladder. Those who succeed are fortunate. The others have to compromise with the circumstances. Indeed, life is a big compromise. Moreover, destiny governs a lot of man.

I am poor person. I am not contented, for I have some high ambitions. Unlike most of the persons, I believe in honesty and fair means. If fortune smiles on me and I get the first prize in hundred Rupees Prize Bond, I will try to better and improve the lot of my people. Both education and money are necessary for this purpose. If a person has no money, he/she has to use fair or foul means to earn it. If one is rich, but has no education, he squanders the money thoughtlessly.

So, my first priority will be to acquire best education my self and also educate my brothers and sisters in order to improve the lot of the family. At present I am working part time in a firm. I will invest the money in education for it is the best investment. It builds the future of a person. Ignorance is the worst enemy of man. Now a days education is very expensive. That is why children of rich parents have greater opportunities than the children of the poor people. [the_ad id=”17141″]

At present we are living in Juggi (hut). If I get the first prize, I will purchase land and build a respectable house. In Karachi two problems that of employment and housing, worry the people. Housing is also a mark of social status and distinction. I am the senior most member of the family. My parents are old. Greater responsibilities lie on me. I will furnish the house and purchase Radio, T.V. and Refrigerator.

My next concern will be to start some moderate business, a book and stationery shop or a general provision store in order to supplement my income. It shall also keep my father and younger brother busy. Moderation and simplicity are my guiding principles. What I wish for is respective life and living. Their is love and contentment in poor man’s family. God has blessed us with both. To pine for more and more, is to be unhappy.

I will set aside at least 5% per cent of amount for distribution among the poor and the needy There is no greater joy in life than to mitigate the sufferings of others. A poor man’s one day’s sufferings are greater than whole life’s sufferings of a rich man. The rich are lost in comforts and luxuries. They seldom cast their eyes on the poor.

The rest, whatever, I can save through moderation and thrift, shall be deposited in the bank. Saving is a good habit. It is always wise to save for the rainy day. But one cannot always get what one wishes for.

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