If I Could Fly like a Bird Essay

By | May 13, 2019

The whole universe is functioning under à system (Nizame- Kainat). Things happen in a particular way and at particular time. This is demonstrated by birth, growth and decay of matter and things. The earth has four spheres-atmosphere (air), hydrosphere (water), lithosphere (land) and centrosphere or Barosphere (the interior of the earth). Each has a system of its own.

Man is a creature of the land. As the lord of creation, he has control on air, sea, and land. He can probe the secrets of nature. He has conquered time, space and distance. He has made ships, airplanes and space ships and satellites. The more he has tried, the more he has succeeded. He can not break the laws of nature, but he can make a break through. From early days man had dreamt to fly in the air as the birds. His continuous efforts and curiosity have resulted in the invention of air-ships and airplanes.

Birds are creatures of the air. They can fly due to their particular form of bodies and wings (organisms). They are free as air. They can soar up in the air, cross long distances on wings. There are no restrictions on their movements. They perch on mountain tops and tall buildings. Unlike human beings, they are free from worries, cares, and anxieties. They are guided by instincts. They have attractive and colorful plumes and wings. Some of them can sing and talk. The song is sign of their well-being and joy.[the_ad id=”17141″]

If I become a bird, I would have to change my anatomy first. Then I would have enjoyed all these advantages and prerogatives. Man can take lessons of real freedom from the birds. Biologically, birds live in close communion, and under the benign influence of nature. They follow the rule: early to bed and early rise. It is proverbial to say: I lie down with the lark (famous singing bird) and rise with the lamb’ (a gentle creature) If I were a bird, nature would have been my best friend guide and physician.

Man is proud of flying on airplanes. A bird’s flight is different from a mechanical flight full of risks and accidents. Every body can not afford jovernèy by air. If I were a bird, I would have visited each and every part of the country. Man keeps birds in captivity as pets. He is selfish and even cruel. He loves freedom for himself but denies it to the birds. If I could fly, air, land and water would have been my territories. I love migration. I would have changed places and sights according to the seasons and climate. I would have hated the stagnant life of modern man. I would have been free from limitations of time and distance.

Manhunts and kills birds. He even kills his fellow creatures in wars. He takes pleasure in killing one another as flies. If I were a bird, I would have been above all these cruel acts. I would have been freer and happier if I were bird. I would have been also free from the hurries and worries of modern life.

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