If I Become A Millionaire Essay in English

By | May 13, 2019

In present materialistic world, money is the most important factor and consideration in life. If you are poor, you are criminal. No body respects you. It is said, Nowadays laws are for the poor and not for the rich. Instead of being our servant, Money has become our master. People try to earn money by hooks or crooks. Very few pay attention to Islamic principle of honest earnings (Qasb-e-Halal). The result is the more we have, the nor we want. There is no contentment in life.

People think that only wealth can bring happiness in life. It is a mistaken idea. Wealth can, no doubt make the run of life easier. It can not purchase happiness. According to the teachings of Islam, wealth or riches are to be spent in the service of others. The poor, the cripples, the needy the travelers, the neighbours and the poor relative’s Charity and ‘alms-giving bring mental relief and joy. Its best use is to build hospitals, schools, inns and poor houses.

Creation of Pakistan has brought about many social and economic changes in society. If we peep into the past of the proverbial 22 rich families, we shall find that most of them have grown multi-millionaires during a short time, after partition. Their history-sheet is not clear. According to the Hadith of the Holy Prophet: ‘Honest earnings are always small’. In Islam the richer you are, the greater are your responsibilities towards the poor and the needy. Wealth is not for selfish luxuries and self-aggrandizement.[the_ad id=”17141″]

In the present public corruption and corrupt atmosphere, one can not become rich without foul means – bribery, unlawful gratification and Gazans to the officials, the custom and the police. Firstly, I would like to go up in life through fair means. May God help me! If I become a millionaire, I will spend the money in the welfare of the poor and the needy. I believe in the saying: ‘Giving to the poor is lending to God.’ I will try my best to do my duties to God and to man.

Instead of building showy, grand and luxurious bungalows, I will live in simple house. The poor people in the country can not afford two meals a day. The rich have plenty to waste and throw away. I will shun life of show and profusion. First I shall feed the hungry, then eat my simple food afterwards.

I will establish poor-houses for the old and those unable to earn. I will open Darul Aman for the widows and parentless girls and help them is settling in respectable life. My other priorities will be opening hospitals, schools and other vocational institutions for the reformation of the juveniles. I will institute free-ships and scholarship for the promising poor students. As far as possible I will start a campaign for the abolition of child labour, with the help of social workers. Every year, I will send my poor relatives, neighbors and sourceless persons for Haj.

There is too much mischief to do for Satan in Pakistan. I will try to relieve the innocent victims of law, injustice, police high-handedness and social injustice. I shall fight for their causes. Even millions will be insufficient to spend on these noble deeds. I will shun fame and publicity if I get a chance to serve humanity. boy fair or foul means.

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