How I spend my Leisure Essay

Science, no doubt, has confirmed great boons on mankind. On the other hand it has increased our dependence on machines. We have become slaves to machines. We are completely at their mercy. Science has given us more spare time or leisure by displacing human labor. We do not know how to use this leisure constructively or in the service and welfare of humanity.

Our ancestors passed a busy and active life. We lead a more stagnant life with faulty habits. Excessive-spare time has made us more lethargic and ease-loving. Students in Karachi, have more leisure because of two shifts. They run trúant, sow wild oats and are even involved in lawless activities like kidnapping, shooting and snatching.

After college, I have lot of spare time. The whole afternoon is at my disposal. I try to inake the best use of time. After a short post-lunch rest, I go to learn typing in a nearby institute. A wise person always plans for the future, so I have also joined computer training classes. I am busy there from 5 p.m. to 6.30 pm. During the learning gap, I study my courses. My motto is Do not put off for tomorrow, what you can do today.

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My parents are fond of music and fine arts. On Saturday and Monday evenings I attend music classes. My Ustad is a TV and Radio Artist. He is a talented person and wishes to see me a good artist. I am an amature singer and take part in college functions and social gatherings. Thursdays and Fridays are off. One the remaining Three days I attend tuition centre.

Our bungalow has a pretty small garden. It is my hobby to do gardening on free days and holidays, during morning time. We often arrange cricket matches on holidays or play badminton at home in our garden. I am a social worker. I take adult classes in the Social Welfare Centre in our locality. Being a lover of children, I teach them at home free of charges. I shun politics as it breeds differences and causes crashes.

There are two ways of doing a thing right and wrong, good and bad, pleasing and annoying. I try to pass and spend my leisure in proper, planned and right manner. I hate bad company, back-biting and brooding. Being an active person, I spend my leisure in constructive pursuits.

It is correct that as you sow, so will you reap. I have my eyes on the past, our heritage, live in the present and plan for the future.

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