Hope is Balm of Life Essay

“The miserable have no other medicine, but only hope.”


It is true that hope is balm or medicine for all our sufferings. all ills in life. Our lives are measured by time. We live in the present, ponder over the past and hope for the future. God in his mercy, has kept the future hidden from us. Otherwise, it would have been very difficult for man to pass his life. In his famous philosophic, big poem: ‘Essay on Man’ A. Pope has said:

“Hope springs eternal in human breast

Man is always but to be blest”.

Hope is the greatest blessing of life. It is eternal or ever lasting. Life is full of light and shade, failures and success, fear and hope. Hope is more rational and reliable. We plan for the future but future is always uncertain. It the sentiment of hope that makes man hopeful of success, of reaching the cherished goal. ‘Always keep your hopes in God and keep your powers dry’, is a famous saying.

Life is the greatest gift of God. We must not run away from life; but we must confront it. Those who are pessimists or see only the dark side of life, are always grumbling and unhappy. But an optimist always looks at the bright side of life. He always hopes for the best; for hope is real balm of life. It is sign of wisdom.

The past binds us together in our national heritage. All great peoples are proud of their past, their great victories and achievements. We know the present, the immediate present, about what is happening about us. The Angels know what man does not know, and man knows what the animals do not know. All our aspirations and ambitions are dependent on the future for their fulfillment. It is hope of attainment that keeps us alive.

Nobody knows what is in reserve for him in future. Things do not always turn up as we wish. We cherish and wish for many things in life. It is the magic of hope that keeps us traveling hopefully. The wise people said: To travel hopefully is better than to arrive. Once our hopes are fulfilled, we stop dreaming. The charm of expectation is over.

I For the poor and the unprivileged, hope is the best medicine. They strive and struggle for life. Their one day’s sufferings are greater than a richman’s sufferings of whole life. They live on hope. They keep their hopes in God. Hope is an encouragement for toil and the perseverance-the key to success. Hope gives us courage to face life. It is like light in the darkness of future. So always hope for the best!

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