Faith, Unity and Discipline English Essay

By | May 12, 2019

It is said:

Faith works wonder.

Unity is a strength.

Discipline is a negative quality.

Keeping in view the magic of the ‘trio’, Mr. Jinnah gave the motto: ‘Faith, unity, and discipline to the Muslim nation. Without faith, Unity, and Discipline, freedom could not be achieved, nor Pakistan would have come into being.

Stressing the need of ‘faith’ Allama Iqbal had said:

Nigahey a mard Momin ho tou badal jate heen Taqdeeren” (The spiritual insight of Momin can change the destiny)

It was the inextinguishable fire of Faith (the Islamic principles) that inspired the Indian Müslims to demand a separate homeland for themselves. Our unflinching faith in Allah, his last Prophet, the great Book-the Quran, made the Muslim Ummah like a steel wall. In spite of being in the one-third minority, economically backward, materially down-trodden and politically slaves, the Indian Muslims full of Islamic fervor, united one platform under the dynamic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Ultimately the Faith dawned into Freedom.

Freedom is theirs who have the will to preserve it. Collective will be embodied in the Islamic faith, is not only necessary for national unity but also for our survival. The present political chaos and lack of Islamic disciplines, justice, equality and brotherhood are the result of the weakening of ties of faith (complete subordination of our wills to the Will of God). [the_ad id=”17141″]

Unity means sameness of thoughts and actions. It stands for collection thinking, faith in national heritage and culture. It teaches One for all and all for one. But we find there is no real unity among the people of Pakistan. We hear slogans of five Quoms, sons of the soil, factions according to Land and Language. All the dishonest politicians, religious lords, and public media-radio, T.V. and press are crying, calling to forge national unity. Regionalism is the greatest national curse. It is the opposite of unity. It has cost us East Pakistan, and now regionalism threatens our survival. We talk about faith and unity. We put our heads together, but we do not put our hearts together.

Like all great leaders the Qaid-e-Azam was supremely. intelligent, highly disciplined and dedicated, driven by dream and driving others. He had great faith in his mission. He succeeded as he willed it. Discipline is Law of Nature. Everything works according to certain physical laws. The heavenly bodies keep in orbits, otherwise they would have collided and have been destroyed. We see ordered growth everywhere around us. Birth, growth and decay complete the cycle.

Discipline is a negative quality. It means self-restraint; self-control, conscious action. Without discipline, no nation can be civilized. Discipline imposes limits, prescribes laws, and their breaker is punishable. Morally discipline makes man, responsible and accountable for his actions. Dedication, development and discipline are the three mansions of human personality.

Unfortunately, we find no discipline in any walk of national life. We have no political culture, no national character. Unpunctuality, lack of sense of duty, dishonest business dealings, tax evasion, cheating, bribing, hoarding, smuggling, black marketing are indisciplined acts. We are not ashamed of them. Corruption, corruption everywhere!

The future is bleak. Let us restore faith, unity, and discipline if we wish to save and preserve the country. May God give us good sense!

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