Essay on The World of Tomorrow in English

By | May 15, 2019

The present is said to be a continuation of The past. The past is certain, but the future is uncertain. Keeping an eye on the present- what is, we can predict or risk a guess about the future. If Scientists can give a practical shape of H.G.Wells’s Time Machine, or devise such a computer brain, it will be easy to tell something about the world of tomorrow.

Judging from the modern scientific progress, we can say that in future whole world will be linked with gaint, multiple computers. According to professor Robert Jastrow of Columbia University: ‘We will see the silicon brain in an emergent form of the life to compete with man’.It is rather impossible to fathom the folly of human heart, but we can hope for better future. Hope is more rational than fear.

If the fear of future war is abolished, we can say, life shall become more mechanized. Instead of using cars and buses, the future generations will use moving roads. They will have simply to step on the moving roads in front of their houses. It is possible that instead of living in dingy houses on the earth, people may live in air colonies. The dream of space light may come true in near future. [the_ad id=”17141″]

Coming to daily life and work, many new changes will surprise the world. Compact buildings made of glass fibre may be designed. People may live in portable cabins. Seeing the present pressure of population and scarcity of food, scientists and chemists my invent some fibre and vitamin tablets. Man will ‘go round after eating one tablet or capsule to say, for days or month. The monotony of cooking and eating shall be overcome. Man will hate manual work and invent robots to serve him.

The atomic fissure may change the ice lands and deserts into fertile lands. The rigors of climate will be overcome and people will be safe from the vagaries of nature. All this is possible provided lasting peace prevails in the world.

But man is his own greatest enemy. Evil thoughts lead to evil actions. Every climax has an anticlimax. Blind use of computer technology for war purposes, will be disastrous for the world. The mechanical brain (computer) may numb human faculties, and the future generation may be brainless and creatures of instincts like the animals. Human beings will behave like animals. Religion and moral science shall be dumped into the sea.

Seeing the present current of invisible sex crimes in the west, one can say that the concept of marriage will be finished in the materialistic communities. Children may be maimed, crippled and mentally handicapped due to the ravages of threefold warfare, the after-effects of chemical and biological warfare. The anti-climax shall be horrible and horrendous. The animal kingdom may supersede the kingdom of Yahoos.

In the words of the scierice magazine.

“In the end, the kingdom of the world shall fall into the hands of flies and mosquitoes”.

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