Essay on The Hottest Day in English

The climate in the sum total of all the atmospheric conditions temperature, pressure and rainfall over a long period of time, say fifteen to twenty years. The record of these conditions over short periods (7 to 15 days), is called weather. Weather often changes and plays pranks with a man. Some days are extremely cold or hot during the year. Some times they establish records. The people also feel the pinch and begin to grumble. Grumbling is a tonic, but not always. It can not change the course of nature.

Excessive heat, cold and rainfall are a natural phenomenon. They are beyond human control. They not only bring great sufferings but also dislocate the whole life. Man is a very strange creature. He is seldom thankful and can not bear the change patiently. Sometimes these extremes of weather conditions are a punishment from Above.

This year the summer season was unusually hot. Some days were extremely hot and the heat was unbearable. We can say that nature was hostile. On June 10th the temperature touched the extremes all over the country. It was 44 degrees centigrade in the city. The previous night was hot and closed. I had been tossing on my hot bed. When I woke up in the morning, the sun was shining brightly. By noon the heat was at its peak. The sky was chaste and there was not a flake of cloud. The birds sat on the tree branches and the cattle rested under the trees.

The rich sought mechanical aid (ACS); but the poor plodded under the scorching heat of the Sun. The hot sword of the Sun hanging over their heads. I saw some trench diggers busy with their spades and full of sweat. They defied the heat of the Sun. What a fate!’ I thought. The main roads appeared deserted. Very few vehicles were seen plying. The juice and sharbat and cold drink vendors made good business. Ice was. selling for five rupees a seer. Some urchins were seen lolling by the side of the buffaloes in Lyari River. The tramps were sleeping on the footpaths under the trees.

As the evening came, the trees cast long shadows. Not a leave stirred. The fans threw hot air. There were few customers; the shopkeepers had poor business. The passengers, usually the persons returning from offices, cursed the bus conductors for overloading as they gasped for air. Their clothes were drenched in sweat. In the evening many Karachicities went or drove towards the sea shore-Clifton. People offered special prayers for rain in the mosques. The night brought little relief for the common men.

Nature is indeed, inimical for man. Some times she smiles, and people are full of joy. But when she frowns, they curse her. So was the attitude of the majority of the people towards the hottest day.

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