Essay on Students’ Problems in English

By | May 12, 2019

Nowhere life is smoothing sailing. The sun does not always shine brightly. Things do not turn up as we wish. There are hurdles to be crossed and obstacles to be removed. In other words, many problems- political, social and economics, confront the community, society and the country.

In the developed and advanced countries, the people and governments have solved; or to a large extent, overcome the problems. On the other hand people in the under-developed countries, have to face and suffer different problems due to corrupt administration and bad management. The problems faced by the student community are of different nature and kinds.

Firstly education is the most neglected subject in Pakistan. Only 2.5% of the national of the budget is spent on education. Only 26% population is literate or educated. The number of educational institutions is below the requirements. Most of them are ill managed. Villages (the majority areas) have been neglected. In towns quality of education is poor.

In big cities students have face great problems in admission, particularly at school and college levels. The doors of good institutions are closed for poor students. This is clear social discrimination. Most of them have to take admissions in private institutions. They charge very high fees as compared to govt. schools and colleges.

Private institutions are running on commercial lines. They are minting good Money. The government has no control on them. They do not give brother/sister concession. The result is parents are taxed heavily. There are no checks, no inspections. The private managements generally gratify the directorate people. They take a bribe in form of donations. [the_ad id=”17141″]

The plight of govt. Institutions is not good. There is no’ furniture in many. Students have to sit on floor. Bad arrangement of drinking water is a common problem. Students often complain about having no fans, no proper toilets. This gives them excuse for running truant and bunking away.

Another acute problem is that of transport. Students have to travel long distances for attending schools and colleges. The buses are over crowded. The condition of girl students is pitiable. Students have to travel standing or on footboards, resulting in accidents. There should be separate buses for boys and girls students.

Textbooks are not easily available. They are printed on low-quality paper and are easily torn. The parents have to spend heavy amounts on purchasing stationery and other requirements for their wards. It is rather difficult for average income parents to meet the demands.

The exams generally do not take place in time. The Programmes are changing. Teachers in general, are careless in their duties. Bad discipline has become a common problem. Nobody worries about the falling standard of education. Students of today are citizens of tomorrow. As you sow, so will you reap. Ultimately the nation suffers.

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