Essay on Science and Humanities in English

By | May 13, 2019

Science is concerned with knowing; arts is concerned with doing. Science and art go together; for all sciences result in some art. Anatomy, physiology and chemistry are help-mates of medicines and medical practice and art of surgery. Physics and Biology have resulted in various forms of energy, better agriculture, farming and horticulture. Knowledge of Astronomy has resulted in the art of navigation, and that of geology, into mining. Examples can be multiplied.

Science means a systematic study. As long as man worked in a haphazard manner and arrived at conclusions at random, science made a little progress. Another aspect of science is research. Both the methods and research have entered into the study and development of social sciences: Economics, Sociology, Politics and History. They are part of humanities. All humanities are indebted to science in some or other way.

Look at the simple wheel. Somebody would have rolled. a log and conceived the idea of wheel. All industrial development and progress depend on the turning of the wheels. The slow-moving carts and the fast-moving vehicles turn and run on wheels. The invention of electricity by Farady and Maxwell has resulted in the great industrial Revolution. The invention of electric and magnetic waves by Maxwell and Marconi led to the use of wireless and radio messages. The telephones have brought the distant corners of the world closer.

The scientists have produced vaccines, X-ray, anesthesia, pasteurization, penicillin, and theories about the circulation of blood and beating of the heart. The doctors and surgeons use them in their practices. We are indebted to ‘medical science and other ancillary sciences for better health and longevity.

The Slogan ‘grow move’ more food, more consumers’ goods, more war materials, draws its strength from various sciences. The modern economic progress has given a better standard of living for the peoples of the world. The army, navy and the airforce draw their knowledge from the military science.

The new sources of energy- nuclear power and solar energy have become the anchor sheet of our social and economic progress. The bright cities, the humming streets, the snug homes, the glow and flow of information, the various means of amusements, the international travels, the meeting, and the conferences, the books and newspapers have made our existence on the planet a blessing. Both science and humanities have made us, what we are. We are proud of it!

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