Essay on Public Corruption in English

By | May 12, 2019

Corruption is a stinking and immoral term. Corruption is a vicious habit and practice. It has infested all the walks of life. It is like a Hydra-headed monster that walks freely in the country. Both the public and the government are corrupt. The Islamic principle of honest earning (Qusbe-Halal) has no place in the life Muslims – the Pakistanis.

Public corruption means misuse of powers, violation of legal norms and moral standards. Bribery, favoritism, misuse of authority nepotism, breach of trust, denial of justice and deliberate official delays are corrupt activities. Corruption is found in all forms of bureaucracy and ruling the political party.

The public attitude determines the extent of corruption. The public attitude in Pakistan is that of apathy. People believe in the saying:

‘Put money in your pocket and every thing is alright.’

Public attitude is a sanction to official corruption. Increase in government functions has also added to public corruption. Parallel to economic development in the country, more and powers were given to the public servants. It also gave them the opportunity to misuse powers, amass ill-gotten wealth and become rich.

No government in power whether Civil or Military could check or eradicate corruption. All shared the foul practices. No govt. the department, private organization or business concern is free from corruption. Departure from religious values, lack of fear of God and sinking morality are the main causes of public corruption. Both giving and taking bribe is sin. Corruption and immoral thinking lead to immoral and sinful acts. In the words of Mr. Gandhi: [the_ad id=”17141″]

“Man takes in vice more easily than virtue.”

Political involvement, protection provided to the corrupt officials and businessmen, and lack of accountability are other causes of growing corruption.

“In Pakistan water flows from lower level to higher level,”

wrote a foreign reporter. One has to grease the palms of poems, clerks, and high-ups, even for right and legal work. No action is taken against the culprits even on reporting.

Already great damages have been done to the society and the country’s economy due to unchecked corruption. All the changing governments have accepted and confessed to the existence of corruption. They have pledged to behead the hydra-headed monster, but none could do it. The reason is no body loves the country, no fear of God. All are busy in amassing wealth and to become rich at the cost of the country.

Both the public and the government are guilty of corruption. They are sinners in the eyes of God. The evil can be overcome by, discussing the well drawn out agendas in the Central and Provincial Assemblies. The necessary laws are to be made to punish the corrupt. Punitive measures should be made public. Where there is a will, there is a way.

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