Essay on Poverty Causes Crimes in English

By | May 16, 2019


  • Introduction
  • Poverty in Pakistan
  • Poverty and crimes
  • Effects
  • Conclusion

The poverty line is the official level of income that is necessary to be able to buy the basic thing you need such as food and clothes and to pay for somewhere to live. According to recent data, 24% population of Pakistan is living under the poverty line.

Social crimes are unlawful activities which directly affect the human society. The daily news papers show that our country is worst-hit by heinous crimes.

A natural inclination that the people who have less will want to take from choose who have more, establishes a link between poverty and crime. Thus poverty becomes a breeding ground of innumerable vices. A hungry man is an angry man and an angry man can go to any extent for his catharsis. A poverty-stricken person may become a thief, a robber, a pickpocket, a shoplifter, a cheater, drug addict, a gangster, a mercenary killer and a suicide bomber. Unequal distribution of wealth may incite any body to take revenge on the usurper of resources. When a person is denied access to the lawful means of living, he is compelled to make his way by hook or by crook. However, there are shoplifting charges cases lawyers that one can consult to help them get out of trouble. The statistics confirm that majority of criminals belong to an ideal class. Usually employed people are not inclined to violate law and order. It is generally the poor class, deprived of education and moral training, which commits most of social crimes. The poor parents often neglect their children, and consequently, they get involve in serious crimes. Crime statistic around the world reveal that the majority of population having criminal record live in the third world countries.

Poverty and crime go hand in hand, or that one can not deal with crime without dealing with the root causes of crime like poverty. Thus crime eradication depends upon poverty alleviation. As the main cause of poverty is unemployment, the government must take measures to reduce unemployment. This will consequently decrease the overall crime rate.

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