Essay on Pleasures of Walking in English

Writers have expressed their views and opinions on the art and pleasures of walking. There are various schools of walking. Their opinions also differ. Walking may be undertaken with different aims. Wordsworth was a great walker. It is said that he used to walk about forty miles daily. Helen Keller walked two hours a day. The old people take constitutional walks in order to keep themselves fit. The sick and weak are advised to do mild walking. The scouts are trained in hiking and tracking. It is, indeed a great fun to do walking.

It offers great pleasures to the people ‘fond of walking. In the first place, it is a good means of exercise. It produces co-ordination of limbs and strengthens the muscles. People living in big and busy cities hardly breathe fresh and pure air. The atmosphere is polluted. Early morning walks provide fresh air. Daily.walkers do exercise and deep breathing. Walking also brings a change in routine life. Those who have no time for exercises can do walking. Some people prefer to go to offices and college on foot.

[the_ad id=”17141″]Walking is a fun as well as enjoyment. The pleasures of walking also differ according to the time and the topography, the built of the land. The city dwellers are generally hard-road walkers. Early morning is ideal, but some walk in the evening Morning walk is more refreshing. It is a good mode of exercise. The walker passes through the familiar scenes and sights. There is little variety. Sometimes it may be distracting.

Then there is cross country walking. It is full of great variety and fun. The changes of surroundings provide great fun and joy to the walker. It is full of ups and downs due to the change of the surface. The green fields and meadows, hills and mounds, brooks and rivers, dams and bridges, line of trees and orchids pass in front of the eyes. Then the spirited walker hears the sighing of the wind, the murmuring of flowing water and the sweet songs of the birds. He can bend his steps according to his whim and enjoy the beauties of nature. The god of nature PAN opens all his treasures for the cross-country walker.

While walking, it is great fun to lose the way deliberately. Let your instinct guide you. Leaping and jumping, hopping and skipping provide greater fun. When nobody is spying, one can ever sing and dance, or mimic the merry notes of the birds. You may ask the wayward passer for the road. The changes of weather are equally welcome by a regular walker.

One can derive more pleasure from meditation. The walker marvels at the works of the Great Creator. He can even ruminate while lying on the bed in a pensive mood. The whole panorama of scenes and sights passes before the mind’s eyes. Sometimes it results in a spontaneous overflow of motion poetry.

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