Essay on Place of Pets in Life in English

By | May 15, 2019

“There are many benefits to Man from animals. They impart beauty to life”

says the Holy Quran, Everything in nature has been created for man – the lord of creation. Life and activities of man, to a large extent, depend on geographical factors like built of the land, climate and flora and fauna (vegetation and animal life) of a region. By animals, we generally mean the quadriceps or the four-footed animals, both the wild and the pet ones. They from an important part of the animal Kingdom.

Animals occupy a very important place in our lives. Biology and Zoology deal with the life, habits and uses of animals and birds. Animals adorn the nursery rhymes for children. They curiously listen to the stories about animals. The cartoon films · about animals on T.V. hold them spell bound. Most of the proverbs, metaphors and similes are related to animals. The Dog in the manger’, ‘care will kill a cat’, ‘do not look into the teeth of a gift horse’, ‘lie down with the lamb and rise with the lark’ are a few examples.

Animals provide lot of fun and amusement for the visitors to Circus and Zoo. Many classical means of diversion are connected with lions, boars and bulls. The-raising fights of gladiators and Matadors were watched with rapt attention by the Romans, Greeks, and others. Animals have always provided fin to the circus goers. We meet the common sights of ‘Bandarwala’ and ‘Reechwala’ (beers) with tamed monkeys, goats and bears in Pakistan and Bharat attracting huge crowds of excited watchers. [the_ad id=”17141″]

Let us now come to the benefits of Pet animals. ‘They provide you with food (flesh) and drink (milk)’, says the Holy Quran. Cows, Sheep, Goats and Buffaloes are rared for milk. Dairy farming is an important industry all over the world. MX (fresh and condensed) cheese, butter, curd and ghee form an essential part of good diet. Bullocks, horses, camels, donkeys and reindeer are used as beasts of burden. Bullock’s and horses pull the carts and work the ploughs.

Hides and leathers from animals are widely used in ‘leather industry and shoemaking. Camel skins are used for making tents, and gaudy lamps in Sind. Animal horns are used for making combs and buttons. The blood from slaughters and animals bones make good manure. Cow dung is widely used as manure in Pakistan. Its most recent use is the production of biogas.

The story of animals shall remain incomplete without mentioning sagacity and faithfulness of animals. Poets have sung about them. The faithfulness of dogs and love and devotion of the Arabian horses are famous all over the world. The Scientists have carried out first experiments on cows, monkeys, rabbits and rats. Animals are the best servants and friends of man. In many countries ‘Cruelty to animals’ is a punishable crime. Goats, cats and dogs were sent up in early balloons. ‘Laika’. the first dog sent in the first space ship by the Russians, is a historical figure. Therefore let us be grateful and kind to the animals. They can not be separated from man, the Homo Sapiens.

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