Essay on My Secret Ambition in English

By | May 12, 2019

Ambition is youngmen’s Leader Man is Lord of creation. He has been created in the best image. He is a bundle of emotions. Love and hatred, joys and sorrows, envy and jealousy, disappointments and fulfillments surge through his heart and toss him.

Man is a rational, an intelligent being. Our lives are measured by time. We can ruminate on the past, live in the present and plunge into the Future. We are never satisfied with what we have. The more we have, the more we want. Man is full of ambitions. He is always dreaming and thinking for better life. Young people are always full of ambitions. They always aim and strive to be well off and go up or rise in life.

Ambition or hight aims must be propped with will power and efforts in order to reach the goal. Perseverance is the key to success. Life is a conscious contact with our environments. Ambitions is part of human consciousness.

I too cherish my aim and it is worth striving to achieve it. It gives purpose and meaning to life. I am also a human being. My aim in life in to be a good and devoted teacher. Teaching is the noblest profession. It calls for missionary zeal to serve the nation. Teachers are the real builders of the nation. Teaching is a people’s job. A teacher deals with and works for a living and conscious beings-his pupils. He was also the quarry of human hearts. Unlike others, his work can not be seen. Only devoted and dedicated teachers, men and men, can build up the nation and raise the people to great heights. All great men owe their greatness and success to their teachers, mental parents. [the_ad id=”17141″]

Pakistan badly needs good and dutiful teachers Moulana Mohammad Ali Johar, the great patriot and freedom fighter. has rightly hinted about the paucity of good and devoted teachers among the Muslims. Most of young persons join teaching line as a dashboard for some future job. They are more money minded, careless, irresponsible and without principles. They enjoy no respect with the students who are the best judge of good teachers.

One of the important reason for the falling standard of education is the dearth of good and devoted teachers. It also accounts for the poor discipline in the schools and the colleges. Indiscipline is a contagious disease. A teacher ought to be a model, an example for his/her students. He should be above all distinctions, noble, kind-hearted, punctual and dutiful. Then only he/she can command real respect among the taught and their parents.

The country is the worst victim of clandestine activities like public corruption, bribery, black marketing, smuggling, hoarding and other anti-social activities. The students behave, unlike good citizens. Regionalism, factions, lawlessness and cheating mafia have become part of students’ life. How ignoble and shocking!

Students of today, are the citizens of tomorrow. If we want to produce healthy and good society, we must start from the schools, the nurseries of the nation. A good teacher can catch them young, sublimate their instincts and mould the character of the pupils. He can guide and counsel them; for school is the place were seeds of character are sown. Greater responsibilities fall on the shoulders of college and university teachers.

My secret ambition (aim) is to serve my country. It shall be a great asset to my country if I can inspire the students with noble ideas for good deeds and with patriotism. I can inculcate sense of responsibility and duty among them. I fell I will have not lived and worked in vain if I can foster a sense of. discipline and inspire the young nation with the greater motto faith, unity and discipline. I hope to achieve these aims.

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