Essay on My Pet Dog in English

A pet provides great joy in one’s life. My pet dog Sheru is a source of pleasure as well as of security and protection. Dog has been in man’s service since times immemorial and no other animal is as sincere and as faithful as the dog. My pet, Sheru is not a status symbol for me but a necessity. I got Sheru two years back when it was a small puppy of three months. Sheru was gifted to me by my uncle who was transferred to other station. Now, I cannot think of life without Sheru.

Sheru is of medium height, has a curved bushy tail, shining eyes and strong jaws. It has been trained fully. It is quite strong and its doggie habits are wonderful. It has wonderful toilet habits. It makes a strange sound when it a wants to go for a walk. Sheru stands, runs and fetches things as he is commanded and is the envy of many dog owners. Sheru can be seen around our house most of the time. It is generally calm and gentle but it starts barking fiercely at the approach of strangers. It recognizes the persons who visit our home regularly and does not bark at them. It obeys the commands and does not disturb us unnecessarily. It never jumps on sofas or beds and does not poke his nose when we are eating our meals.

My Sheru is vegetarian as he is not given meat but milk, bread, biscuits, etc. I take him out for long walks every morning and evening. Sheru provides me great company and we even play together with a ball. I am proud of Sheru.

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