Essay on My Idea of Best Life in English

By | May 12, 2019

Nothing begins; nothing ends

That is not paid with moan;

We are born in pain of others

But perish with our own.


The above lines of the poet, contain an essential truth of life. Life is neither a bed of roses nor a pallet of thorns. It is full of light and shade, joys and sorrows, fulfillments and failures. The former please us, the later make us sad.

Happiness has been the quest of man throughout the ages. There are very few who are really blessed with happiness. Most of the people think that happiness depends on wealth; but it is not so. In my opinion, money can only make the run of life easy; it cannot bring happiness.

Happiness is a condition of mind. It comes by curbing desires. Contentment is the first condition of happiness. It springs from within. According to me happy life is a result of submission to the will of God and to be satisfied with what He has given or bestowed upon us. One must train his mind to fell content so as to safeguard from unhappiness. Unhappiness spring from grumbling and fretting.

Again life is a comedy for one who thinks; and tragedy for one who feels. People are unhappy because they want what they can not possess; they think about what they shouldn’t. A man of life upright always puts his hopes in God and keeps his powers dry. He leads a simple life. Simplicity is sign of greatness. All the chosen ones of God made simplicity and service as ideals of life.

A happy life consists is living for and serving others. It is always a great joy to serve others and relieve the needy. Another character of happy life is to remove the pains and sufferings of others. He believes that he is responsible for others and. responsible to others. The cardinal values. Truth, justice and goodness are the guiding ideas in the life of a happy man.

Another well-spring of happiness is Love – Love of God and love of humanity. All good actions spring from good thoughts. So a man of happiness always hates jealousy, envy, greed, back-biting and extravagance. He keeps himself above all under-hand tricks and foul practices. Open-mindednes and sincerity increase happiness. He does not live in words but in deeds. He irradiates joys where ever he goes.

Prayer, meditation and supplication supply spiritual nourishment in his daily life. A man of a happy life is neither a spend-thrift nor a miser. Every day brings new opportunities for goodwill and service, calmness and contentment. Tranquility, peace of mind, devoutness and dedication to duty are the rare gems in the life of a happy man. He does not run away from life; but he confronts life. He is great not by what he is; but by what he does. He is noble, for noble is he who noble does. He is worth imitating.

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