Essay on My Favorite Personality in English

By | May 16, 2019


  • Introduction
  • Personal traits
  • Activities
  • Ambitions
  • Conclusion

We come across many persons in our life span. Most off them are ignored by us. Some are disliked. And a few are liked due to their personal qualities and like-mindedness. But there is someone whom we like the most. Normally, this is the person with whom we had spent a lot of time. As a student, I got the opportunity of much time in the company of my favourite lecturer Atiqullah. His personality left pleasant and lasting impression on my mind.

He has numerous qualities of mind and soul. He is every inch a scholar, every millimeter indeed. He is our lecturer in English. He has a great thirst of knowledge. I not got knowledge from him but also love of knowledge which persuaded me to seek maximum education in my favourite subject. He helps everyone in every possible way. He takes keen interest in sorrows and joys of others. He is the head of students counseling service. All the students like to remain in his company. He is a good calligrapher and poet as well. He composes poetry and is well-known in the literary circles across the country. He is often invited to national and international gathering of scholars and poets.

His activities are diverse but he always want to teach his students. He imparts valuable knowledge to his students. His method of teaching is very interesting. He spent most of his time with students whether he is in collage or at home. He has devoted his life for the pursuit of knowledge.

He has a great ambition of spreading education. He wants to make the whole nation literate. He want to set up new schools in far off areas where children are deprived of education. He wants to eliminate child labour from society. He does social work through a social organization. He solves the problems of others.

Sometimes I feel that sir, Atiqullah is not the inhabitant of the world. His lifestyle is above greed and selfish motives. He never cared for his own benefits. He even does not believe in a life of pomp and show. He is a simple fellow, taking everything lightly and jolly. He gets pleasure in little achievements. He is, in fact, a good model for me to follow. I am very much inspired by him. I learned much from him in terms of manners and affairs of life. He is not only my favorite but a favourite personality as a whole.

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