Essay on Moderation in Islam

Islam is a religion of moderation that fights all forms of immoderation and extremism Allah the Almighty says,

“Thus have we made you a nation justly balanced you might be witness over the nation, and the messenger a witness over you.”


This moderation is self-evident in all Islamic creeds follows a middle course and so does its legislations. Therefore, moderation should be observed in everything, in our words and our opinions. Even our thinking and our view of each other should follow a middle course, without excess or negligence. We should follow only this course because it is the foundation of Islam.

Islam warns against excess and extravagance. Addressing the people of the Holy Book, Allah the Almighty says, “O people of the Holy Book, do not exceed the limits in your religion and do not say of Allah anything but the truth.” (4:171) the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon. him) also said in this regard, “Beware of excess, beware of excess, beware of excess.”

Exceeding the limits in religion is objectionable in Islam, and those who follow an extreme course do not, in fact, act in accordance with the dictates of the crept into religion emerged only when the extremist’s course was adopted. The khariji sect emerged only when its followers rejected the middle course, and the misguided sects also appeared as a result of the extreme course its adherents adopted.

[the_ad id=”17141″] The affliction that Muslims have suffered in their long history occurred because of excess and extravagance without any evidence whatsoever from the Holy Quran or the Sunnah. It could have been that extremists had already been there to influence them before searching for evidence. Allah the Almighty says, It is He who has sent down to you the Holy Book, in it, are verses that are clear [in meaning] they are the basis of the Holy Book- and there are others that are susceptible of a different interpretation.” (3:7) therefore, there are verses that are clear and others that are not entirely clear and to different interpretations. “But those in whose hearts is perversity pursue such thereof as are susceptible of different interpretation, seeking discord and seeking a (Wrong) interpretation of it.” (3:7) that is, those with extreme tendencies and in whose hearts there is a deviation from the truth follow the parts thereof that are not entirely clear, therefore, deviation from the truth has made some misguided people follow the Holy Quranic verses or the prophetic tradition that are not entirely clear to right. And none knows its hidden meanings except Allah. And those who are firmly grounded in knowledge say, we believe in it, the whole of it (clear and unclear) is from our lord.” (3:7)

I pray to Almighty Allah to forgive my mistakes and make what I have discussed in the present lecture the right approach to Islam. I pray to Allah to make me and you among the guided who guide others, to spare us the hidden and obvious trials and tribulation, to give strength and victory to this nation over its enemies. Indeed, he is Most Generous, Most Gracious.

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