Essay on Islamic Brotherhood in English

By | May 10, 2019

Brotherhood means sharing things like brothers. Islamic Community tied together with strong relations of love and gentleness. In the Islamic community, the basis of brotherhood is “Iman” (faith).

Our Holy Prophet (SAW) established an Islamic community in his lifetime. He made it best model for others to follow the residents of Madinah who wholeheartedly helped the “Muhajireen”. They welcomed them. There was a need to solve the problems of the “Muhajireen” on a permanent basis. Therefore, our Holy Prophet (SAW) created a relationship of brotherhood among the ‘Ansars’ and the “Muhajireen”.

The basis of the brotherhood was as follows:

  1. To seek goodness and goodwill for each other.
  2. To share the pains and sufferings of each other.
  3. To consider the happiness of others as one’s own.
  4. To look after the rights of each other.

Islam has stressed on Islamic brotherhood and called all Muslims as brothers to each other. Our Holy Prophet (SAW) said, “A Muslim is a brother unto another Muslim. He neither is cruel to him nor he hands him over to a cruel person.”

At another place, he (SAW) has said, “All Muslims are like a body if one part is in pain, the whole body is in pain.” Our Holy Prophet (SAW) Said, “Anyone who covers the weaknesses of a Muslim. Allah shall cover his weaknesses on the ‘Day of Judgement.”

An essential requirement of Islamic brotherhood is not to consider another Muslim inferior to oneself. One should keep in mind his personal honor, pardon his mistakes and should not disclose his bad deeds to others. The Islamic society formed by our Holy Prophet (SAW) was based on love and brotherhood amongst Muslims. This Society praised kindness and respect for each other. Muslims ignored each other’s faults and practiced tolerance. These are the qualities which create ‘Muslim Ummat’, it becomes a fortress of defense for the enemies.

The Islamic society created by our Holy Prophet (SAW) had all the qualities of Islamic brotherhood. Due to this, a small force of Muslims defeated the greatest powers of their systems times and freed the world from cruelties, through the Islamic system of justice.

Let us promise to create Islamic brotherhood in our Islamic society. We shall live with love and affection for each other. We shall respect each other. We shall share the pains and sufferings of each other. In this, lies our success and solution to all our problems.

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