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By | May 15, 2019

Boys should be given preference

At all levels of Education

The postwar period has seen great strides in education, particularly in underdeveloped countries. The number of school and college going boys and girls, has increased tremendously. Light of education has penetrated every nook and corner of the world. Education has been recognized as the birth right of every citizen.

The topic of preferences has always been a delicate and sentimental one in the present enlightened era. The moderns and the conservatives do not see eye to eye about the need of education for both the sexes. Then creep up the differences about rich and poor, about the ruralites and the urbanites. Much depends on facilities and opportunities.

Anyhow, reality must prevail upon sentimentality. Basically education is an universal need, rather right of every person. No country can progress unless the people are educated and well versed in the modern disciplines. Governments in all the developing countries have started a crusade against illiteracy. The UNO (through its agency UNESCO) has been actively assisting in the educational campaigns.

Education is necessary both for boys and girls. It is an adornment. It brings both light and sweetness in homes. To be purposeful the type of education imparted to boys and girls, must differ. Unfortunately, it is not so in our country. Both the boys and girls are being taught the same syllabi irrespective of their psychological needs, aptitudes and demands of life. Lord Tennyson has defined the ends in the following words: ‘He for the field and she for the home’.

[the_ad id=”17141″]End justices the means. No doubt, the proper place for the women is their homes. Girls should be taught such subjects as may help them in their domestic affairs like upbringing and education of children, cooking, sewing, housekeeping etc. By proper education, they can make the home sweet. But the case is otherwise. Women are constantly vying with men in all the walks of life. They have assailed all the masculine fields.

This has resulted in various social and economic problems like unmatching spouses, late marriages,job hunting and violating the limits prescribed by Islani. The feminine factor has resulted in growing unemployment for the men. We should stop emulating the west for imitation is the worst flattery.

Keeping in view the requirements and conditions of developing country like Pakistan, the education of boys should be given priority. We badly need more scientists, technicians, mathematicians, more engineers and doctors for building and serving the country on modern lines. Our greatest and crying need of the time, is to build up and strengthen our defense. We must be self-sufficient and self-supporting in war materials. Our enemies have evil designs against us. For a strong, stable and prosperous Pakistan, we badly need well educated, devoted and dedicated young men.

The girls are light of the home. Instead of vying and competing with boys, they should help and coordinance with their counterparts, in the best interests of the country. In Islam men and women have been assigned different responsibilities and duties. Islam has bestowed honour and dignity upon the women and elevated their lot. They can best serve the nation by following its teachings and precepts. Let the will of God prevail upon the will of man. There lies the real emancipation for women.

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