Essay on Importance of Knowledge in Life

By | May 16, 2019


  • Introduction
  • Source of knowledge
  • Value of knowledge
  • Importance of knowledge
  • Conclusion

Knowledge is the information, understanding and skills that we gain through education or experience. We study books, observe things and carefully watch different happenings around us and gain knowledge. Knowledge of every kind is beneficial for the development of life on the earth.

Books, newspapers and other material in print form is a main source of every knowledge. Observation, experience and practical communication are other valuable sources of knowledge.

Knowledge is not the property of the rich. No class has its monopoly over it. Anyone who perseveres in this endeavour may excel the others. It is not a thing to be bought with riches. Like wealth or beauty, it does not drop in value by time.

The great invention of science and discoveries which benefited human being out of proportion are the direct result of knowledge. Only knowledge made innumerable things possible which no amount of wealth and physical strength could bring forth.

Knowledge is power because all the power in the world owes to it. The power of knowledge has proved its supremacy over everything. Knowledge helps us in countless ways. It impart us discernment and the sense of right and wrong. In the light of out knowledge, we act and react. Knowledge gives us confidence and courage to face the hardship and to tackle the troubles.

The capabilities of knowledge are rewarding but their misuse should be controlled. Many scientific inventions helped the mankind to resolve its problem and to make the world a happy planet. Knowledge played a great role in the field of defense. The communities of the world should cooperate and consult each other to solve their mutual conflicts through peaceful talks.They must not resort on the use of nuclear arms. If they come to a peaceful agreement, all the necessary involvement in arms can be avoided.

The most advanced countries of the world have made progress through knowledge. They strengthened their economy and rendered their subjects prosperous. Japan, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, America, Canada and Australia are its glaring examples.

As a whole, nothing benefited the mankind more than knowledge. Every other day the cure of some disease is discovered by the new experiment. Life expectancy has increase across the world due to the achievement in various field of life by knowledge. The most reasonable and rational approach is that we should acquire knowledge purposefully and use it wisely for the welfare of living beings.

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