Essay on Importance of College Libraries in English

A place where large number of books are kept for reading and research purposes, is called library. There are private and public libraries, big and small for personal or public use. With the spread of education and increase in the number of reading public, Governments invest large amounts on maintaining libraries. Educational institutions have their own libraries. In India some philanthropists and moneyed people have their own Private libraries. Our big capitalists can take a lesson from them.

Educational institutions have to maintain their own libraries. Books are indispensable for studies and research. Our college is an old institution in the city, has a very good library. Urdu college is a national institution. It imparts instructions in Urdu (our national language) in all the subjects. Most of the books on arts, commerce, and science are in Urdu. The library was started by Baba-i-Urdu. It is on the second floor. It is housed in two big halls. Books on various subjects from Intermediate to M.A. classes are available in our college library.

As the college had M.A. classes in English literature, before the opening of Karachi University, there are quite a large number of standard books on English-poetry, prose, drama, fiction, criticism. Standard, translations on science subjects are also available in the college library. The college also subscribes to leading English and Urdu newspapers and magazines. Some foreign magazines are also found in the attached reading room. Each student has issued a library card. He/she can borrow a book for a fortnight. In case of default, one rupee daily fine is imposed. [the_ad id=”17141″]

The library has one librarian and an assistant. Books have been arranged subject-wise on various recks. Modern card catalog system is used for the guidance of the students. There is a handsome collection of reference books-general and on various subjects. The students can sit in a corner and read them after s surrendering their cards. A board reading ‘Silence is golden,’ warns the readers to be disciplined. The library is open for both the shifts.

Library fee at the rate of rupees ten per head is charged every year. We also celebrate Book Week and collect books from students and parents. Some books have been donated by Asia Foundation, Hamdard Trust and the Old Students Association: The library has grown in bulk during last forty-five years The college professors can borrow four books at a time. The rare books are not issued to the teachers for many times books are not returned.

We are fortunate to have such a good library with a fine collection of books. But students, in general, do not make proper use of the library. They have no reading habits. They depend on ready-made notes. Books are the best friends of students. It is also ennobling to walk in the company of the great writers. Books supply mental food to curious readers.

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