Essay on Illiteracy in Pakistan

By | May 18, 2019


  • Introduction
  • A false idea of literacy
  • Causes of illiteracy
  • Effects of illiteracy
  • Conclusion

Illiteracy means the state of a person not knowing how to read or write. It also states the background and the whole set-up of society. Illiteracy is, in fact, a great curse for a country. In developing countries, the literacy rate is low. After partition, Pakistan has to face scarcity of resources. Owing to it every field of life suffered much. As the people were poor, they were mostly illiterate. Then with the passage of time the condition improved.

The reliable facts and figures are not available in this regard due to some reasons. As the government gets funds from advanced countries to eradicate illiteracy from the country, it exaggerates its achievements and does not show the actual situation. Then the definition of literate according to the government is defective. A person who can barely read and write a few names is literate in its view. Such literate persons are, in fact, illiterate. They can do no good to society. Only the population which can serve the society in a literate way is mentionable in this regard.

There are many reasons of illiteracy. The country is facing acute shortage of services in every field of life. The population of the country is increasing day by day at a neck break pace. The institutions are not expanding according to the needs. Consequently, people are deprived of many blessings which are their basic right. Then the country is poor. The wealth of the country is distributed unequally among some hands. The poor are usually deprived of the basic needs of life. So we can say that poverty, unemployment and mismanagement are some of the main causes of illiteracy. [the_ad id=”17141″]

Illiteracy has long-range effects on a society. Most of the attitudes are directly influenced by education. Then education helps to change the style of life. The way of thinking and the competency in any field is directly associated with the level of education of a person. Education is very much necessary to do any job skilfully and satisfactorily. On the other hand, illiteracy affects badly the capacity and reaction of a person. No one can be noticeable in the world without education. Education is the key factor to make progress and be prosperous.

Facts and figures show that most of the advanced countries have the highest literacy rate while the developing nations have a low literacy rate. Thus the difference in literacy rate directly affects the positive and negative attitudes across the world.

The government and the private sector are no doubt doing their best to literate the nation but illiteracy cannot be eradicated altogether. The government should allocate more funds for education projects. It should set up more educational institutions at grass root level. It should plan to alleviate poverty from society so that people can afford to get their children educated. It should seek the advice of experts in this regard. It should also seek help and guidance from the international community to get the nation hundred percent literate. Only then the country will be free of so many evils and problems which have bad effects on the whole society.

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