Essay on Human Resources in English

Our country is rich in natural resources. We also have enough people (manpower) to exploit them. if we make proper use of our natural and human resources, we will be among the most prosperous nations of the world.

It is the people who make a nation, not the mountains, minerals, forests, and fields. So we have to work in such a way that all the people benefit from these natural resources. If people are healthy, they will work better and produce more and become rich, if they are ill-fed and weak or unskilled they will not be able to work well. Productivity will be very low, people will suffer and the nation will remain poor.

Until a few years ago, our country had hardly any big industry. Even ordinary things like cloth, knives, bicycles, ink etc. Used to be imported. Today, Pakistan makes a number of things. Her farmers produce a variety of crop. The production has increased. Mineral and mineral oil deposits have been tapped. Natural resources have been harnessed of a considerable extent. Big factories have been set up. There has been a tremendous advancement in science and technology. Rivers have been tamed for irrigation and for producing electricity.

In spite of all, this is general economic growth rate among the lowest in the world. The yield per hectare is still comparatively very little. Our standard of living is low. Many children are undernourished. The number of illiterates is increasing day by day. Do you know why? [the_ad id=”17141″]

One of the important reasons for the slow growth rate is the fast increasing growth rate. The size of the country cannot increase but the size of the population keeps on increasing. Thus, more and more people have to share the available resources. The present rate of increase in population is about 3.2 percent per annum. If this growth rate continues, our population will take enormous proportions. we shall have more and more people to feed and look after, While the natural resources will remain the same and even decreased.

Many people are unemployed and uneducated. Because we have failed to give proper training to our people. We have to improve the quality of the population. Human resource development will have to be given top priority. Everyone should be given the opportunity to acquire certain basic skills.

A significant part of Pakistan’s total civilian labor force is working abroad. According to a safe estimate, approximately ten million people in our country are either unemployed or do very little work in urban areas. Pakistan has created many economic and social problems in these areas such as shortage of accommodation, sanitation, drinking water and educational and training facilities.

Adults, as well as children, will have to be given vocational training. The government has already opened a number of technical training centres and colleges. · The universities, colleges, schools and other educational and social institutions will have to play a beginning by recognizing the dignity of labour.

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