Essay on Holidays in English

Essay on Holidays in English

Holidays have great social and religious importance. Their greatest value lies in providing rest, relief, and relaxation to the people. Rest is as important for man as work. It is a demand of nature.

essay on holidays in english
essay on holidays in English

If we yoke bullocks to the cart and do not rest them for several days, they shall collapse and die. Again if we keep a machine running continuously without stopping, it will get heated burst, and spread destruction. Food, exercise, and rest are essential for all living beings. That is why the Great Creator (God) has appointed the night as a period of relaxation.

Holidays bring a break in routine life. They remove the monotony of life and bring the desired change. Change is a fundamental law of life. The change is always welcome and for the good. Both the body and the mind require rest and change or variety.

The mind gets rest only through change and variety. Holidays are a part and compulsory in service. Sundays or Fridays are observed as holidays all over the world. The Muslims attend Friday congregations. The various festivals among the Hindus, Christians, and Muslims are observed as general holidays for the people. Religious holidays help the people in going through the rites prescribed for the followers. People also exchange greetings and gifts according to their traditions. [the_ad id=”17141″]

Holidays are equally important for the students. There is a big list of holidays for school, college, and university students. Summer vacations are the longest holidays. No doubt they are meant for rest after the busy sessions and the examinations. They are a great boon for students. Those who are weak can improve by working during vacations and overcoming their weakness.

In Pakistan students generally waste or kill their time during the summer holidays. After some rest, they can devote their time to social services, teaching the adults and the villagers. In western countries, students make the best use of vacations. They go out on tours, hiking, and excursions. Some work on farms and go on study tours. Travelling offers good first-hand education. They can take special courses and training during long holidays. Teachers and students can arrange for study tours and gain practical experience.

In some parts of India, they have special societies of students. They undertake social services programs along with their teachers. They also organize community services and use the time in productive ways. Our students not only kill time but they also forget what they have learned. Most of the time is spent sleeping and playing.

There are two ways of using holidays – useful and wasteful, good and bad. They are to be spent in studies, cultivating hobbies, traveling, and social services along with rest. Real rest comes only after death.

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