Essay on Fashions in English

By | May 10, 2019

A fashion may be defined as a mode or way or manner in which a thing is done or made. It implies a slight departure from the usual. In common parlance fashion means following the up-to-date cut and style in tailoring standards. Fashions are a special feature of the modern competitive society though they change every day and the rage of today becomes the ridicule of tomorrow.

It is said that fashions govern us like a tyrant who rules in a strict manner. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for an average man to keep pace with changing fashions as they make exacting demands on our pockets. The west is the land of fashions and the ultra-modern fashions come from the movie-world of Hollywood. Paris is also said to be the center of fashions where the French ladies are said to get their costumes stitched by the tailor and they hurry back to their homes to wear the newly stitched costumes. However, when they are on the thoroughfares of Paris, they find that the style and cut of their dress is out of fashion. People in Pakistan also imitate European fashions.

Fashion shows are held in big cities and tailors and fashion designers govern the world as fashions are dominating our day-to-day life. Young men and dandy young women like to wear fashionable dresses to be acclaimed and appreciated by others. College students both boys and girls pay maximum attention to their clothes as fashions are on the increase. A visit to the present day college will give the impression that ours is not a poor country but a land of actors and actresses. [the_ad id=”17141″]

Much of their time is spent in dressing up. Boys like to look smart and attractive in the presence of girl students and put on showy clothes, wear goggles and wear the dress which is trendy and in vogue. College girls outsmart boys in looking fashionable. Girls have a natural love for pretty dresses and in college they get an opportunity to manifest this love.

Boys and girls want to look like some famous heroes or heroines of the movie-world and studies for many of them are merely a pastime. Fashion, no doubt, enhance the charms of a woman but acts as a great distraction to the male students.

Stephen Leacock has rightly said,

“Men can’t study when women are around.”

Fashions among students are confined not only to dresses. Some students develop mannerisms like film actors and actresses and have the stories and songs of films at their fingertips but they are indifferent to the lessons taught in the class.

Some boys like to smoke in the style of movie actors forgetting that actors may be rolling in wealth whereas they will have yet to seek respectable jobs after coming out of the portals of college. Besides, they discuss films, cricket and whatever that catches their eye and are devoid of any spiritual or moral values.

Extravagant fashions have caused considerable harm to the student community and there has been a steep decline in the pass percentage in the university examinations. Parents should check their wards from adopting extravagant fashions. Young men and women should be weaned away from this menace and they should be exhorted to follow the noble ideals of simple living.

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