Essay on Drug Addictions in English

The old era of peace and plenty, good manners and morals, shall never return. Rise of civilization is fall of morality (character). The new era of material progress has brought worldly prosperity for many; but it has given a death blow to religion and moral values. Now, everything foul appears fair due to lack of moral scruple.

Material progress of which peoples are very proud, has brought in many incurable social evils in its wake and given birth to faulty habits among the new generations all over the world. Corruption, sex crimes, use of drugs, killing and other socials ills have become order of the day. They are so firmly rooted in the world communities that various social institutions, and even governments are fighting losing battles. Maany attorneys are hired by the government to provide helpful hints to reduce the use of drugs in the society.

The worst evil, rather a curse is drug mafia; The very phase in stinking and repulsive. Drug trafficking’, drug mafia and addiction have become international problems. Drug addiction has swept like plague through the world, sowing crimes and destroying lives.

According to dictionary meaning, ‘drug’ is a substance used to poison or stupefy, or for self-indulgence, Drug addicts are habitual users or takers of drugs or narcotics. The most dangerous rather ‘killer’ is heroin, while the other narcotics are marijuna, hashish, cocaine and the ‘cut drugs’ that are more deadly. [the_ad id=”17141″]

The word drug has lot of evil connotation. It conjures up pictures of sleazy quarters and roughnecks doing shabby deals, of furtive looks and money changing hands, of needless and haunted men and women shooting themselves up, of hungry kids and heart broken parents, broken houses and death.

In spite of many fringed fights against drug trafficking by different governments and even the UNO Agencies, the operations have not produced any successful reşults. The evil is like a Hydra-head monster that can not be destroyed. His lair is called ‘Golden Triangled’ an area between “Thailand, Burma, and Laus where the white poppy grows. The white milky juice is the basis for the most dangerous opiate called ‘heroin’. The most organized gang trading in the drugs is KINTEX in Bulgaria. They trade guns for drugs.

Heroin is chewed or smoked in cigarettes. Drug addiction is multi-faceted problem. It has now cut across national boundaries and international barriers. According to the international agencies, the problem is getting from bad to worse, both in the East and the West. In Pakistan heroin is being smuggled from Afghanistan; and has now spilled over the local markets.

The entire drug abuse situation calls for the through check and control, According to the survey of the Pakistan Narcotic Board, there are strong links between drug traffic and terrorism, weapons smuggling, counterfeit currency, forged passports and other organized crimes. They have even penetrated into government ranks. There are about two million addicts in the country.

Once the habit of using drugs is formed, it can not be over come. As the ‘rụsh’ subsides, anti-climax sets in. Clinical studies have shown that by the time the addict is undergoing the trauma of ‘melting’, suffering from acute anxiety, restlessness, yawning, shivering, vomiting, a high temperature, muscle cramps, loss of appetite and weight are the results.

The human race is under Drug Hell. There is no salvation except moral reformation and death punishment to the culprits.

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