Essay on Co-education in English

Co-education means that there should not be separate schools and colleges for boys and girls. There has been a controversy on the subject of co-education. Those who support co-education say that this system has proved to be a success in the western countries where it was introduced many years ago. According to them, this system is economical and in co-education, there is a free exchange of ideas between boys and girls. The presence of girls among boys in the same schools and colleges will lead to healthy interaction between the two sexes.

Those who oppose this system say that there are no benefits as it corrupts the minds of both boys and girls. Moreover, giving the same type of education to both boys and girls is against Nature.

In big cities most of the public and convent schools are co-educational. It has been observed that co-education is a more healthy process. Students passing out of coeducational schools and colleges are fully confident of themselves. They have no inhibitions for each other. Coeducation has resulted in a healthy atmosphere in offices and other places of work. The seeds of this healthy process are sown in co-educational schools and colleges. Women are becoming more confident and are seen working with men in more or less all fields. Women are no longer the commodities which were involved only in the house-hold work. It is, therefore, safe to conclude that co-education system has come to stay.

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