Essay on Autobiography of an Old Coat in English

It was a spring morning. The weather was pleasant and cool breezes were blowing. The nature was smiling every where. I set out on a long walk for enjoyment. Incidentally I happened to pass through some green fields full of dancing plants, banana and guava trees. As I advanced to pluck some, I saw some body standing nearby. Oh! it was a score-crow only an artificial device to scare the birds. An old coat was hung on a crossbar tied to a bamboo stick and a broken earthen pot as head on top.

I stopped infront of the dummy and had an interesting dialogue with the old coat. The coat narrated its eventful story thus: I was born in a Tailors shop in London. I was a pet or my fashionable master a young collegian. He brushed me and hanged on the hanger after use. Once I was sent to a laundry. I had a painful operation through a washing machine I felt crying as the lady pressed me with an electric iron. I was so good looking that all eyes were on me when my master went to parties and ball dances. I really felt flattered.

My young master was son of a rich man. He had new coats and locked me in a cupboard. I longed for fresh air, for mixed parties. One day I was sold to a haberdasher alongwith old chaps of my sex. The man tied me with a hundred others in a bundle with some dirty faces. I cried but in vain. I was then shipped to Pakistan like prisoners.

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After a month I found myself in a Pathan’s shop in a Lunda Bazar of Karachi. I was still attractive though declined in age. A gentleman came in a car, looked at me from top to bottom. He took a fancy to me an took me with him. Now I dwelt in a fashionable bungalow at Clifton. When winter came, I gave comfort to my new mastër. He to preferred me to others for my English citizenship. He often boasted of have got tailored me in a Fashion Tailor’s shop in Saddar.

He also took me on foreign tours to the States and Switzerland. I hibernated during the summer and autumn seasons. Once I felt some tingling sensation A cockroach fed on my tender tissues and pierced holes one my soft body, when my master saw it, he was very angry. I pleaded to him, but he gave me over to his servant. The old boy appeared like a patloon when he wore me. Anyhow, I gave him warmth during severe winter.

The servant took leave for one month and brought me down to his parents house in this town. His brother was a watchman in a fruit garden. Seeing me in a wretched condition, he hanged me as a scarecrow as you see me now. The crows perch on my head but I can not say shoo. I am glad I am, still of some service to ‘man. I thanked the coat, gave a salute and walked away.

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