Essay on Autobiography of a Wrist Watch

By | May 15, 2019

I am in the habit of putting my valuables-purse and watch under my pillow when I retire to bed. As usual, I retired to the bed. Sleep is out of the question, I was tossing on the bed. Thoughts of the coming exam troubled my mind. The more I tried to vanish them, the more I they worried me. The night was calm and still. I could hear the tick of the wall clock. It had struck two. I put on the light and looked into my wristwatch. It had stopped. A little shaking restored its heartbeat. I put some personal questions to my silent secretary. The following are questions and answers.

I addressed the watch by name ‘Scrutier’. Will you tell me some thing about your early life?

Ans: Scrutier-I was born in a watch factory in Switzerland at foot of Mount Alps. My limbs (parts) were separate. I can still recall the natural beauty of the country. I visited across the land on truck along with many of my brothers and sisters with attractive looks. At last I found a place in a watch shop in Geneva. The shopkeeper was a big exporter. He sent thousands of us to Bombay. I dwelt in a shop at Port Avanue for two years.

How did you happen to come in Pakistan?

[the_ad id=”17141″]Ans: It is a long story. Some years back Pakistan Cricket Team visited the city to play a test match. The young cricketers went round shopping. I was resting a beautiful show case. Mr. Imran Khan looked at me; put me on his writ. At last he got me released for a handsome ransom of Rs.20001. I was proud to be in his company. I visited Newzealand, England, Ceylone and West Indies with my loving master. One day while doing net practice I was badly hit by a nasty ball. I was in great pain. One of the hand was broken. My heart beat also stopped. I was sent to a repair hospital. A new face glass and new hand, and I got a new life.

How did you fall into my brother’s hand?

Ans: Mr. Imran was the chief guest in the friendly match between old Ravians and University eleven. The boys played wonderful cricket and won the match. Your brother had scored a windy century with ten fours and two sixers. The guest was greatly impressed by the performance. He said Bravoes’! He gave me as a gift to your brother as a mark of appreciation.

What can you say about sports in the country?

Ans: I am now ten years old. I have travelled widely. I have visited all the chief cities of the country. As a recorder of time, I can say that standard of sports and games is low in colleges and university. Students have no love for physical culture. They kill time.

Any message for the nation.

Ans: My message is: Value time, Learn punctuality. As the watch was relating the story I fell sleep. In the morning I found the watch on the rug glaring at me. The message for the nation – ‘Be Punctual, is need of the time.

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