Essay on Autobiography of A Dog

By | May 15, 2019

A dog is said to be the best friend of man. A man may fall on bad days. All the dear and near ones may desert him; but the faithful friend is always by the side of the master in adversity and prosperity. Still most of the people hate dogs. Some even beat and poison the animal.

I have a beautiful and faithful bull dog. I often take him on walks. Some times I drive with him to my farm-house at the outskirts of the city. One day I was playing with my dog ‘Fiddle’ in the garden with a ball. I was resting on the garden bench. The dog jumped into my lap. I patted him and made him to sit by my side. He obeyed me readily and looked into my eyes. I said; Fiddle will you share your life story with me”? He shut his eyes as if in deep thoughts. Then Fiddle opened his eyes and began to tell the story. I listened to him with great interest.

He said I was born in the Havailly of a rich Zamindar in Hala. My parents were great hunters. I still recall with excitement how they used to fight with the bear in the courtyard. · “The Rechwala’ often brought the pet for sham fight. We were looked after by two servants. They bathed us and fed us well. · The servant took us on long walks in the evening and the morning. My parents were leashed; I and my sister walked by their side or raced round. One day, your father, the D.C. was invited by the Zamindar for hunting game. I had been given some primary lessons in hunting. Anyhow, your father was pleased with the sport and claimed me. My old master obliged the Sahib. [the_ad id=”17141”]

I had been in your house for last five or six years. I have been brought up fondly by your people. But I still long for the hunting game. You see how I gamble and run about when you take me to the farmhouse Chikoo the monkey is my friend. He loves to ride on me and often pulls up my ears. I was listening with rapt attention when Fiddle pricked up his ears. I looked up and saw some robbers moving about. I thanked him for warning me in time. He chased them away and again came become to continue the story.

He added, one day I was playing on the street when some. one poisoned me. I was quickly dashed to the hospital. The doctor saved my life after great struggle. At that time you were out on study tour at New York. For some time I could not see clearly, but now I am alright. One day I was taken out for a picnic at Sandspits. I was playing with football, when I heard some cries “Help!, Help! I looked up and saw a small girl drowning. I swam and saved her life. The girls’ parents thanked me and your parents.

I am the most faithful friend to man. Some poets have written poems (eulogies) one dogs. The two famous poems are: ‘Fiddle’s Gracy Tomb’ and ‘Fidelity.’ Do read them. Fidelity (faithfulness) is our family trait. We are born to love and serve our masters. Fiddle heaved a sigh and said “I am sad that some of my species called Pirrah dogs have no homes, no food to eat. They eat whatever they can get in the dust bins or the discarded food. I hope man will learn how to behave with animals.” It was the right complaint. I promised him to start a campaign against cruelty to animals.

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