Essay on Autobiography of a Coin in English

By | May 15, 2019

I inherited an old stel trunk from my grand father who had been a very religious man. He was indifferent to worldly possessions. The box contained some rare religious books and magazines. He often used to say: ‘My treasure is in this box’.

One-day I emptied the box to make a list of his treasure. To my surprise, I discovered a silver rupee folded in a piece of cloth. His old mother had tied it over his right arm when he went to perform Haj before partition. It was a rare token for us. I was reading the book. Kitab-e-Rooh (Book of Soul) by great Ibne Qaseem, selected from the lot. The rupee lay one the table. Suddenly I perceived some motion in the rupee. It stood on its edge and began to open his mouth and began to speak in a soft, silver voice. I closed the book and listened carefully. He said, ‘Sony, “I am and old companion of year grandpa. Why have you taken my out? “I replied, “Please tell me your story”. He smiled and began to tell me the following story.[the_ad id=”17141″]

“I was born in the bowel of the earth in silver mine at Chad in Sahara. I was in a lump. They put me on a truck and took me to a place called mint. I was heated. Oh! it was very painful. They shaped me into present form with stamps on my face and the back. I was very happy with my brothers. and sisters. One day we were separated never to set meet. again. I was given a new name. They called me Mr. Rupee. I passed from hand to hand for years. I have traveled through the length and breadth of Indo-Pakistan. People adored me for I made the mare go, as they said. I am proud of my good company and services to man.”

He continued, “I was imprisoned by little child in an earthen blackhole called gulla (money box) Oh! how I pined for fresh air. One day the girl wished to eat ‘Kulfi’. She dashed the thing on the ground; and I roled out. She gave me to the vendor. One day the poor chap was travelling in a bus. Some pickpocket relieved him of his purse. Unfortunately, I fell in bad company. The camp was a gambler. He gave it to a Drinkard Ah! how I cursed my fate. He used to abuse me and my new companions. The wine seller gave me in charity to a beggar who loved me above everything. He had hundreds of my kind buried underground”.

I had now become old enough. One day he suddenly dug me out. My face was dirty and defiled. He bought a new house. I was like for the first time bathed with soap and hot water. I was given to a banker. It was best period of my life. Incidentally, I fell into the heads of pious men, your grandpa. I was tied on his arm as talisman. When he was going on Haj. I thank my lot that I had performed Haj with your grandfather and visited all the holy places. He placed me in his box as a good omen. He did not leave me behind and brought me to Pakistan. I still recall the sad tales of Pakistan. I hope you will not part company with me. Now I have become a relic”. I said, What a lot! Thanks’.

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