Essay on An Interesting Picnic in English

By | May 14, 2019

We had been throughout busy in studies, experiments and the practicals. The Islamic Studies Society had arranged for some lectures and talks by experts. It brought some change for us. The monotony of teaching, learning, and listening had bored us. It is the general fate of the students in the colleges. Outings and picnics bring great change and relief for them.

Our C.R. along with some students approached Miss. Hajra Incharge students’ activities and requested for arranging class picnic. After some consultations with the Principal and other staff members, she made a program for picnic to Hawkes Bay. Accordingly, we collected Rs.30/= per head to meet the necessary expenses. Two buses were hired for the purpose. It was decided to purchase some good lunch boxes for the picnic. All arrangements were made by the students. There were about sixty members including the teachers. Four male servants and peons also accompanied the party for the sake of protection against undesirable elements.

All the girls were dressed in mufti-colorful garments. Some also wore pea-caps. After putting the lunch boxes and water canes on the bus, we started for the picnic spot at 10 a.m. We did not forget to keep some sheets and plates and glasses with us. We asked the drivers to stop at Shershah in order to purchase some fruits. The company sang songs and played jokes on the way. We reached the spot safely and chose a scheduled place for picnicking. We tipped 150/- rupees to a keeper who opened the hut for us. [the_ad id=”17141″]

We deposited all the things in the hut. Some came out to play on the beach, and others entered into shallow water. The hot sun was laughing at us. The idlers sat in the veranda and put on the cassette- player or played in-door games. Some helped themselves with banana and guavas. Our teachers also shared the fun with us. The geology lecturer started an outdoor lecture on rocks and stones. The bathers were splashing water on one another.

The Incharge asked the girls to play cats and dogs. My team won the game. The funny item was Frog race. A dozen took part in the race. They had to hop on all fours like a frog. Then we played dodge Ball. A team of ten stood in a circle. The other side of ten played inside. Who soever was hit by the foot ball, was given out.

The time was nearing one PM. We were damn hungry. We set on the sheets and ate the lunch boxes. After short rest, we spread over the beach. Some enjoyed camel and horse riding. We had carried tea in thermoses. The teachers gave us a call to eat Cheoley (grams) and fruits and sip tea. The time was nearing 4/30. We collected our belongings and set on the buses. They dropped us in the College before 6 P.M. It was a wonderful outing.

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