Essay on An Interesting Journey in English

By | May 13, 2019

Modern means of quick, easy and cheap transport have made people mobile. A network of roads and railway lines have made internal journeys a daily routine. The government spends millions of rupees on their construction and maintenance.

A journey may be undertaken by air, land or sea. They have their own charms, ease and adventures. I love to travel by land because it provides greater variety. It is full of adventures, exercise and a good source of knowledge about the country and the people. One can ride shanks mare (feet) or travel by car, bus or train.

During last vacation I went on an exclusion to Swat. We were a company of four. We travelled by Awami from Karachi to Lahore. It was the month of July and the journey was quite tedious. The monotoy of the journey was broken by some breezy showers at Multan. I enjoyed the pelting drops by shunting on the platform. Young people believe that no journey is interesting without some activities or mischief. We were on look out for some fun.

The night was sufficiently ripe. Most of the passengers were dozing or snoring. The inviting smell of mangoes had already made our mouths water. I silently entered the next compartment and relieved a plump snoring gentleman obvious of the world. It was a box of Dasehri. The box, definitely a present for someone, fell a victim to gluttony. Not only did we help ourselves but also obliged our fellow passengers by sharing the booty. The mango stones were carefully packed again into the box. It was replaced under the seat of the owner, in its proper place.

After a break journey and seeing Lahore, we traveled by a mini to Pindi. It had been drizzling throughout. The weather was pleasant. The mini dropped us at Pir Wadai, the biggest bus stand at Pindi. The buses played in all directions. We boarded the bus for Mardan. After some Lunch, the coach service took us from Mardan to Mangora, the main bus stand of Swat.

The coach took us over the Attock Bridge and across the Mountainous track of Malakand. The narrow hill track was full of ups and downs and zig zag. It was a unique experience for us. We had never seen such generic beauty before. The gaping Georges and deep ditches made us spell bound. The bus stopped in the Valley. We entered into an orchid and ate peaches and apples. The evening sun was setting. The purple sky cast spell on us. We reached our destination by dusk and stayed in a hotel. It was an unforgettable journey.

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