Essay on An Interesting Dream in English

By | May 14, 2019

We know not what stuff our dreams are made of.?


Dreams are part of our sub-conscious mind. Some are good, some, bad. Some are frightful, others pleasant: Sorne dreams are funny and fantastic. Everybody dreams. The superstitious people attach strange meanings to them. Nowadays interpretation of dreams has become a psychological study.

It is said that some of our desires are fulfilled in dreams. I have had some funny and strange dreams may be, they were part of my disturbed mind. This shows our minds are never at rest. Evert in sleep we dream. I retired to bed at 11 p.m. The sleep being out of question, I had been tossing on the bed. All kinds of thoughts passed in my mind. I knew not when sleep over took me. I had the rarest vision. I had a dream past the human wit. It was really interesting and fantastic.

I am prepared to share it with others. I recollect the details of the dream. I dreamt that a beautiful fairy woke me and invited me to share her company. I could not decline the offer. She had cast a spell on me. She took me by the hand. I felt as if I had wings and began floating in the air. I enjoyed the flight to my heart’s desire. I felt as if I was a creature of another world. For some time I was free from worldly cares and anxieties. She smiled at me and I became completely forgetful about my real self.

After some time I descended on the fairyland. It was like Eldorado (land of gold). I sighted some gold coins and began to put some into my pockets. It delighted me. She whispered into my ears. ‘Come into my Castle’. It was a magnificent palace. Everything sparkled like gold. Some elves (small fairies) served food before us. It tasted delicious. She gave me an exhilar that would never make me old. It was past my wits. I thanked her.

Then I requested her to grant me leave. She touched me and I began to fly. We parted company near the mountain of gold. Soon the charm was broken. I looked about. There was water and water all around. I was in a fix what to do. I could not fly. I stood helplessly. The water gradually swelled and I was about to drown. I cried: ‘Help! Help! All was in vain. Suddenly my dream was broken. I again found myself on the hot bed.

I was still drowy. I ran towards my coat hanging on the hanger. I began to search for the gold coins. The pockets were empty. I behaved like a very crazy fool. It was the funniest and interesting dream. It is true:

‘We know not what stuff our dreams are made of.

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