Essay on A Scene of Sunset in English

The changing phases of nature, the various scenes, sights and sounds supply a good feast to the eyes and the ears. There appears parallelism between human mind and the external nature. If you are in a good mood, every thing in nature appears to be smiling. If in bad or depressed mood, things appear boring and dull.

Generally, the scenes of sunrise and sunset are very colorful and charming. They also change according to the place and season. The dawn and dusk pass unperceived in busy and congested cities. If you want to see the best of them, go to the countryside where you can catch a good view of the setting sun, the close of the day. It is equally fascinating through the window of a train. The mountains and hills, the rivers and bridges, the fields and orchids and the trees and forest, all present a wonderful scene. The human factor imparts glow and grandeur to them. In fact, nature is beautiful because of the man.

All these factors combined when I saw the attractive scene of the sunset through the window of the train on my way to Lahore. The train was running up the slope, over the winding track. I sat leisurely in my compartment by the side of the window. For sometime, I was completely engrossed in the scene of the declining sun, unmindful of everything. The sun was up the horizon. The dusk was approaching. The train cast it shadow on the east. The passing trees cast long shadows on the ground. The soft rays of the big reddish disc met my eyes without blinking.

It appeared as if the sun was racing with the train. The standing crops and the green landscape were very cooling for the eyes. The human factor imparted real charm to the scene. The village damsels carrying pitchers of water on their heads, the shepherd driving the cattle home, the villagers plodding their tired way; the children waving their hands, the farmers enjoying puffs of hukka, hurriedly passed in front of my evima. All these made me greatly conscious of life.

The twilight dropped a curtain on the scene. As the train ran uphill track, the golden disc (sun) hid his face behind the chain of mountains. The village Moizzin was calling for the evening prayer. The birds were silent. Soon the forces of darkness covered the landscape. The train driver put on the light. Then followed region of the Radiant Queen of the night (the moon). The retiring sun handed over the baton to the moon.

I did not forget to bow my head to God that rises and sets the sun and the moon. All living and non-living pray Him.

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