Essay on A Religious Festival in English

By | May 15, 2019

Religion is the most important element in ones culture. It has a great sway on the mind of its believers. All the prophets, saints and sufees have been inspired with religious sentiments and moral teachings. They had been submerged in spiritual tranquility born out of medication and prayer. It gives direction. and purpose to life. Religion tells us why man has been created, what is the purpose of life. The mysteries of life and death are explained by religion.

Religious festivals are part of religious beliefs and culture. They have also great social and recreational importance. The holy month of Ramzan (Ramdhan).came with all its bounties and blessings. The forces of evil and wrong folded their tents. Righteousness and good prevailed among the sincere Believers. It gave us the lessons of self control, patience, spiritual discipline, equality and alms-givings.

It was the last day of the holy month. All the eyes were turned towards the sky to sight the Eid moon. “Lo! the moon, there there”, were jolly cries. The children burst in chorus: ‘KAL EID HAI. Hands were raised in prayers and thanksgiving. Soon the siren sounded to inform the people. It gave the call for universal rejoicing on the next morning. The night witnessed great hustle and bustle and buying and selling sprees. [the_ad id=”17141″]

I had a sleepless night. The day dawned and we were busy in making the preparations for Eid-Prayer. Eid-ul-Fitr is the greatest festival of the Muslims. Generally, People put on new and clean clothes. After eating ‘Sheer Khurma’ we drove to the Eid-gah Maidan, Nazimabad for offering Namaze-Eid. It is also the day for thanksgiving to the Almighty: We distributed Zakat and Fitra (alms) among the poor. The festival brings the message of mutual help, tolerance, equality and Islamic fraternity for the Muslims. After the Eid Prayer, we embraced one another and shook hands. My father gave me a warm kiss.

As we drove home, my mind was with the poor, the cripple and the unfortunate brothers. The rich generally look down pon them and forget in their celebrations. It is against the teachings of the Quran. On reaching home we exchanged EiciMubarak with my brothers and sisters, friends and servants. I did not forget to embrace my mother. Then we went to the graveyard, the peaceful abode of the majority. As I raised my hands for prayer, I was reminded of Gray’s famous line-

‘The paths of glory all but led to the grave’.

The rest of the day was spent in entertaining the friends and our good neighbors. I also visited the houses of my close relatives and friends. They treated me with the dainties of the Eid. I was happy for having collected good eidee. I counted the money several times. What sway does money have on our minds! It makes us forgetful about our duties towards man and God. I also went to offer Eid Greetings to my’ teachers and earn their blessings. The night brought sound sleep and sweet dreams. Festivals bring change and relief in our routine lives.

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