Essay on A House on Fire in English

By | May 14, 2019

In the beginning there was no fire. It is said that Prometheus had mercy on mankind. He stole fire from the heaven and brought it down on the earth. He had to undergo long sufferings and punishment for his act. The scientists believe that life in the universe is made up of three elements-air, fire and water: Human beings can not survive without them. Air is safer than fire and water.

Great tragedies have taken place due to fire and water by burning and drowning. Floods have played great havoc with human lives and property. Fire is more destructive and devastating. It is said that thousands of lives were lost in the greatest London conflagration that lasted for about two weeks.

Fire is friend as well as foe of man. It can break out at any time and in any place. So the government maintains a special fire- fighting forcë called ‘Fire Brigade.’ In big cities there are several such stations. The Fire Bridgade Staff stands by to fight any emergency. They render great services to the people in distress. They even risk their lives in order to save others and their property.[the_ad id=”17141″]

It was summer night, I was sleeping peacefully. Suddenly · I was awakened by great noises and cries of ‘fire’. I jumped out of my bed and dashed towards the scene of fire. In hurry I even forgot to put on my shoes. I sighted flames rising at a distance of about a furlong. Large number of people were running towards the scene. When I reached the spot, I found that Zakaria Market was on fire. The fire was caused by a short circuit. Strong winds fanned the fire. Soon high flames shot up to the sky. A large crowd had collected in front of the building. Most of them were howling and bawling without taking any practical step.

From amongst the impractical spectators, some youths burst forth with baskets of water in their hands and began to throw on the spreading flames. The Market was in build up area. There was a danger for the residents in the nearby buildings. Men, women, and children were seen running out of the next building crying, call the fire brigade. Some left their children sleeping out of confusion. Women were wailing; my munna, my munni. Somebody had phoned the fire brigade that arrived after 20 minutes.

More than a dozen shops had already been gutted. The fire was controlled after about fifteen minutes. Goods, particularly clothes, furniture and electronic goods worth millions of rupees were burnt. Half a dozen neighboring shops were also affected. Life is very sweet. The very alarm of fire is shocking. I saw some persons beyond the reach of fire, running for safety. Soon the area was cordoned by the police. I could not sleep for rest of the night.

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