Essay on A Flight By Aeroplane in English

One of the great inventions of science is airplane. A few decades ago people were afraid of flying by air. Now there is a network of air-routes connecting all the big cities of world. We daily hear and see the droning and whirling of the planes twenty-four hours. They travel at a tremendous speed of 200 to 400 miles per hour through the atmosphere at a height of ten to fifteen thousand feet. Air flight is the fastest means of traveling.

After a pleasant tour of the Northern Areas, I decided to travel by plane from Gilgit to Lahore. My train reservation from Lahore to Karachi was due on the following day so I had to travel by air. We reached Gilgit airport an hour earlier. The flight was due at 2 p.m. The air base at the feet of mountain presented a beautiful scene. I was a bit worried for flights were often canceled or made to return to the base due to bad or misty weather. There were other passengers waiting in the lounge. The plane was ready. After some checking of the luggage and personal search, I boarded the plane. I also prayed for safe journey. After waxing on the run way the plane took off with buzzing sound.

The pilot welcomes the passangers and directed us to tie the belts. It was a small airliner and soon lifted up into the air. I was simply be-witched to see the beautiful surroundings through the window I set by. For some time the air bird swung left and right. Everything became smaller and smaller.

[the_ad id=”17141″]Soon I heard the announcement. We are now flying at a height of 8000 feet. Thanks! The weather was fine. A I looked down I could the houses like clay models and the forests like green patches, The Droning motion was over; and I felt at ease. In the beginning, I felt like vomiting. The charming air-hostess obliged me with a glass of ‘7 up’ and I was all right. It was the month of July but I felt cold as our plane hurled at a great height.

Like some others, it was my first fight. It was very fascinating when I looked down again. The Gilgit river appeared like a white zig-zag line. The tin roofs of cottages on the mountain terracs, looked like white sheets of paper. Some passengers were chatting and others were reading news papers and magazines. The hostess served us with some snacks and hot tea. I saw new etiquettes on planes. Unlike the passengers in a bus or train, people set silently and observed the ceremonies of the flight. Children were unusually silent and well behaved.

We had already passed one hour in the air bus. The plane was flying over the plains of the Punjab. It began droning. The pilot cautioned and we tied the belts. I foolishly thought about the coming crash. Soon the sound died; away and I look a sigh of relief. As the plane began to lower down, I was thrilled to see the bird-eye view of Lahore. After 15 minutes the plane landed safely on Lahore air port. The journey was very wonderful and exciting.

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